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Jane Fonda Calls for Prosecution of Climate Deniers – Urges skeptics ‘should be put on trial’ to fight ‘climate emergency’

by Warner Todd Huston and Jeffdunetz

But supporting the Green New Deal was not all Fonda demanded. She also called for the prosecution and jailing of all who disagree with her. I guess that means me.

“Now, because of the fossil fuel industry, it’s too late for moderation,” she bellowed. “And given the emergency, it’s those who believe in moderation, in pre-Trump business as usual, who are truly delusional. And those who lie and continue to lie about what they’re doing to the environment should be put on trial, not awarded tax cuts and made secretaries of state.”

Fonda closed urging people to increase their activism and encouraged the press to talk more about climate change to pass on the propaganda she hopes will convince people to accede to her demands for social change and throwing Americans like me in jail.

Watch the video of Hanoi Jane talking about climate change, below:



Parts of this post was first seen at Godfather Politics