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Gore’s end of year money plea: ‘Vice President Gore’s limited-time offer’ – Gore wants your money ‘TO HELP ACHIEVE BOLD CLIMATE ACTION’

We hope you saw the exciting match offer our founder and chairman, former Vice President Al Gore, shared this weekend.

Your gift of $15 will double to $30. A $50 gift will become $100. And a generous $100 gift will multiply to $200. All fueling our urgent work to fight the climate crisis and grow our grassroots movement in 2020 and beyond.

We’ve seen news this year that reminds us how urgent our work is: wildfires in California and Australia, record-breaking heat around the world, and icecaps and glaciers melting faster than expected.

These disasters raise the alarm that the climate crisis is intensifying and will not wait for us. The time to act is now.

– Your friends at Climate Reality

From: Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project
Date: December 13, 2019
Subject: This is a health crisis and a threat to the global economy

Dear Marc,When we talk about the climate crisis, it’s easy to get lost in data points and science jargon and forget the human side of the story. But real people’s lives are impacted every day.

People who live in watersheds where 500-year floods are now happening every few years, wiping out homes and entire neighborhoods. Young people who struggle to breathe as asthma attacks increase in frequency because of worsening air quality. Elderly people whose lives are at risk from endless record-breaking heat waves.

I know you care about what’s happening, so I wanted to share some important news.

Beginning today, you have a new opportunity to make a bigger difference in our work to solve the climate crisis. Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts made in December will be matched, $1-for-$1, up to $150,000 – meaning your gift will go twice as far to support real solutions to this crisis.

I hope you’ll fight alongside me today, Marc: Make your matched year-end gift now, and double your impact.

When you donate, you’ll be supporting our more than 21,000 trained Climate Reality Leaders, who have been working hard to spread the truth about how the climate crisis affects everyone, especially society’s most vulnerable.
They have made tens of thousands of presentations in communities big and small all around the world. They’ve participated in thousands of policy meetings, and have written op-eds, letters to the editor, and even books to advance our goal of a carbon-free future. And they’re working hard to commit cities, businesses, and universities everywhere to transition to 100 percent renewable electricity.
But as some public figures attempt to sow doubt about what’s happening to our planet, we must fight back with the truth and demand real action.
With a gift to Climate Reality, we can train more leaders to make more presentations, write more letters to representatives, speak out at more town hall and policy meetings, and so much more. We can grow our grassroots movement to challenge climate denial and advocate for real solutions.
Thank you for standing with me.
Al Gore
Founder and Chairman
The Climate Reality Project