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Greta Thunberg apologizes for ‘against the wall’ comment about skeptical politicians


Greta Thunberg apologized on Saturday for a comment that some interpreted as a threat of violence against politicians who ignore climate change. Thunberg said she was merely translating a Swedish expression into English and apologized for the way her comments may have come off.

“Yesterday I said we must hold our leaders accountable and unfortunately said ‘put them against the wall,'” the 16-year-old climate activist tweeted on Saturday. “That’s Swenglish: ‘att ställa någon mot väggen’ (to put someone against the wall) means to hold someone accountable.”

“That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language,” the Swede continued. “But of course I apologize if anyone misunderstood this. I can not enough express the fact that I —  as well as the entire school strike movement — are against any possible form of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyway.”