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NYT’s Paul Krugman Slams Republicans As ‘The Party That Ruined the Planet’ – Declares GOP is ‘the world’s only major climate-denialist party’ By Paul Krugman Republican climate denial is even scarier than Trumpism. The most terrifying aspect of the U.S. political drama isn’t the revelation that the president has abused his power for personal gain. If you didn’t see that coming from the day Donald Trump was elected, you weren’t paying attention. … But the terrifying […]

Great news! UN fails again! Disappointed climate activists declare UN climate summit ‘a betrayal of people across the world

‘Anger erupts at UN climate summit as major economies resist bold action’ MADRID (Reuters) – Major economies resisted calls for bolder climate commitments as a U.N. summit in Madrid limped toward a delayed conclusion on Saturday, dimming hopes that nations will act in time to stop rising temperatures devastating people and the natural world. […]

Warmists claim: ‘The US Is Once Again The Villain At The UN Climate Summit’ – Claim USA is trying ‘to ensure it will never have to pay for the damage climate change is doing to poorer countries’ By J. Lester Feder The US is using this year’s global climate summit to try to ensure it will never have to pay for the damage climate change is doing to poorer countries, according to participants at the meeting now underway in Madrid. The Madrid meeting, the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), […]

Haiti’s cry for help from ‘climate emergency’ is compared to an act of violence against the island nation – Env. Minister: ‘Climate change is a very big terror in Haiti’ By Desmond Brown MADRID, Dec 13 2019 (IPS) – Haiti’s Environment Minister Joseph Jouthe has compared the climate emergency to a violent act and appealed to the international community for help to fight climate change. “Climate change is a very big terror in Haiti. It’s very hard for us to deal with climate change,” […]