Dr. Jay Lehr is a great friend and inspiration to me. I love to read his writings (but I would not want to parachute with him). In any case      Dr. Lehr thinks I am too nice which makes me smile because I think of the “Divided George” Seinfeld Episode where George, complaining about his girlfriend wanting to hang out with his friends, says famously that “‘Relationship George’  will kill ‘Independent George’, cause a George divided against himself can not stand.”

In any case, there is the Sicilian part of me Jay loves, so while this blog deals with peeling back the layers of the Onion of Climate Change, for Dr. Lehr, he can think of it at Dantes descent into the levels of Hell. Quite Frankly given what I believe the objective is, to attain a Socialist communist type society, to open-minded freedom lovers, that is like Hell. But nice guy Joe may be killing Sicilian Joe.

Fortunately for me, I believe in heaven above and that what I do here is a search that enhances faith. But as Kanye West says in God Is             ( Cmon where you going to get a George Costanza and Kanye West in the same climate opinion blog, another literary first!).

All my idols, let ’em go
All the demons, let ’em know
This a mission, not a show

That is what it is : a mission to me but not to save the world. It is to nail forecasts and show how, through meticulous study of the past, you lay the foundation for the future and that is what helps progress! (Gasp am I a Progressive.. perhaps as  think the policies on the other side are Regressive) . You see I believe that Gods greatest gift to man is free will, the chance to take the test offered in life and by doing so, searching and learning about the fact that only by “reaching beyond your grasp of what’s a heaven for”, as Browning said. (Wow! Browning in a blog about Climate with George Costanza and Kanye west.. I smell Pulitzer here haha) Can you process?  You can not “reach beyond your grasp if you are shackled by men, who wish to change our nation to one world Government instead of God, instead of “one nation under God” If you are under God, you are reaching toward God. Acquiring that wisdom feeds back so it affects your character.  If there is Government in front of God, then who are you forced to look too?

So if we are nice guy Joe, This is like Shrek pealing back the Levels of the Onion, I mean everybody loves Shrek, right?, ( Pause: Shrek, Dante, George Costanza,, Kanye West, Browning. in one blog! It is something to smile about, which likely gives the left fits also. A sense of humor).

In any case on the outside  layer there are the truly driven people that like me are searching for the truth in what is causing the current warming of the world climate, which by the way is approaching what was always referred to as CLIMATE OPTIMUMS, not climate emergency, Anyone see the term climate emergency in this graphic in previous warm times.

image.gifNo, I am not going to go into all the stats that I have shown countless times, The simple undeniable fact is life does better where and when its warmer.

But the fear is if it is all man-made, the warming will simply keep feeding back, turning the earth into a hell hole. The problem is, and this is where looking and understanding what its like to actually forecast the weather comes in, and also knowing the work of many scientists on my side of the issue, there are natural limits to that and there is no actual proof that co2 is nothing more than what it is limited too by the immense natural forcings around it, But no one on that side will give the time of day to Dr. Will Happer, or Dr Roy Spencer, or Dr Willie Soon, and many many more (I am sorry cause I am leaving out giants). What really woke me up was the trashing of Dr. William Gray, who as someone who pushed the science of hurricane forecasting along to levels not imagined in the 70s . (like the cold war which people thought would never end but now claim it was inevitable, people downplay it, assuming in arrogance it would have happened anyway) Dr. Gray said when we were in a peaceful period of hurricanes ( not that today is that bad compared to the 30s,40s and 50s) that he expected to see a 250 billion dollar storm. Well he passed away but he will be right and it will have nothing to do with CO2, but man building huge targets where hurricanes are going to hit.

When you wrestle you must know and understand, though not fear what your opponent has. So I look more at what people that disagree with me are saying and look at things at an issue by issue basis. One of the big differences is that since I forecast I know there is a chance I could be wrong. When you want credit for just your idea, not the product of your idea, and that is all you look at, then what you own, owns you, The big difference IMO is the belief that tomorrow is a known, because you have researched it so hard, you can’t be wrong. I know that feeling. Since I try to set up events in front of people, I can get married to them and only do the scars of defeat lead to the triumphs of tomorrow. But one must be opened minded, so please understand this category to me is different.

But like so many things (actually opposite of Shrek) this is wonderful on the outside but grows progressively uglier the deeper in you go. As we peel back the onion (for Dr. Lehr etal descend into the depths of hell) We find a different mix. We see actors, activists, etc, who, while I welcome open-minded debate, really are just buying into a cause du jour. Sadly much of the media is there, John Kasich, when I used to be his weather guy on his Saturday night Heartland show would talk to me off-air, and he once warned me NEVER GET SEDUCED BY THE MEDIA. I always think about that. I have an ego. I like being on, but not at the price of who I am and what I was made to do. So the balance between getting attention needed to get your message out and starting to crave that attention you get is a challenge. So if, as a scientist, you are palling around with the big shots on TV, actors, rock stars,  especially if you may crave attention you never got when you were young, its hard to let go. (I don’t know about some of these other guys but I was a class A nerd, and starting wrestling and lifting cause its someplace I could not stand to be, and never want to go back too, so there is where I got rid of it to some extent). I just simply am who I am and what you see is what you get. If you see me on TV, that’s how I talk and act all the time. I am no actor and as one my friends tells me. I have a face for radio. So there is an intersection of, if you will, ignorance of the second level and the good intentions of the first. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

One may say, well Joe, you are the same way only opposite, But there is where the mission changes, I am not here to save the world, my beliefs teach me that is a faith search. So if you are somehow thinking you are going to save the planet, you will do whatever it takes to save the planet. But in my world, the planet needs action on obvious issues now, not the ghost of some event that is questionable. Those actions on the problems now (homelessness hits home, I was in DC last week, and no matter who is in office, I am in awe of it. But I wonder how people that live and work there, can talk about climate change as being a pressing problem when you see people living in tents under a bridge with the lack of hope)  No one is going to remember me when I am gone, and personally who cares. But if your goal is to be remembered as the guy that saved the world, wow that is seductive. Easy to overlook the problems of today when your mission is to be the hero of tomorrow.

The next level is with the politicians who know darn well they have easy pickings in influencing younger people (20-50) that have no knowledge or have been subjected to the constant bombardment of one side of this story. Ask them what the average temperature of the planet has been in its history? Ask them what the average co2 has been? Ask them what they want it to be and why ( temp and co2)? Ask them if they ever looked at the Saturation mixing ratio and temperature relationship ( grams/kg water vapor to temperature and why we don’t have one for co2) Conversation would last long? But they hear things about a 3 to 10 trillion dollar knew Green Deal which if enacted would only save .01C over 30 years, but as former Epa Director Gina McCarthy said about such draconian ideas enacted by the Obama administration:


So here is my question to them: Are you willing to go to war with China, et al over their building of a coal plant a week? After all, if you are screaming at our fossil fuel industry, ( and to the credit of our system, we have been reducing emissions) why are you tolerating what is going on in the rest of the world to the detriment of the world, if you are so one world-oriented. Makes no sense, which is an indirect product of an education system that s moving toward indoctrination by authority rather than the questioning of authority, So now we are really getting into the layers

It is funny, this sounds like the liberal I was in the 70s. I think the term liberal now is a misnomer, and I think it is on purpose.  When questioned we were taught to ask why, not when we should be doing what we were being told, at least in a lot of my high school and college classes.

Which brings us deeper into the level: statements from many prominent people in this fight are downright scary. Read these quotes, this never ceases to blow me away for it exposes the dark underbelly of this.


Which explains why they would exploit by appointing untouchable spokespeople, who tell us we have ruined their future when they are living the life no one of us at that age could possibly envision since, without the progress made possible from fossil fuels, the world would be a far harsher place for all of us, no matter what age. Go back and look at how life used to be.

Its all about one-world governance and the redistribution of wealth in an effort to elevate man TOP DOWN by other men in control. Not too many things grow top-down, its bottom-up, which should be a hint as to the natural design of adaptation and progress, something that these people are obviously against.

Finally the God issue. You don’t have to believe in God for me to see God’s light in you. It is just the way I am. I trust the message, not the messenger, so I don’t judge someone by a disagreement on an issue.  My beliefs expose my numerous weaknesses for if I am supposed to be who I wish to be, and believe me, you don’t have to tell me how far short I fall. But in my world, as a kindly old priest taught me ‘God is the search for who, Science is the search for why’. If you are truly searching for who, it will help you understand why. If you are truly searching for the why then you shall see the who  (suggested read. Modern Physics and Ancient Faith by  Dr. Stephen Barr). There is no fight between God and Science, only barriers men believing they are smarter than others wish to construct. So again while taking the hits, this love of weather and climate has helped me there. But there is a dangerous situation. By believing we can control the climate, we are setting ourselves up as Gods. That is prideful.  By adapting and progressing, we are reaching to a higher plane, which is basically all that are searching for the truth are trying to do,  Understanding that is an act of humility, but as we advance, should lead to gratitude for all we have been blessed with not telling the world how there is no future given there has never been a better time to be alive on planet earth. This last level, the replacement of God by men, IMO could be the  root of a lot of this. If you become indentured to a system or other men, that is hell, as history has proved. Many that don’t believe will say I am being deceived or delusional but remember this. My stance involves a reduction of my status, I shall be food for worms someday Some, I know by comments wish it sooner than later, but I hope all live Long and Prosper (add Spock to the list here of people never mentioned together in one climate blog, if you have actually read this whole thing), but the other stance is almost messianic, a desire to “save the planet” may be a big driver behind all of this..  Think about “Pax Romana” and the desire of Caesar to ensure world peace via the rule of Rome. He knew better than all and actually was declared a God.  It brought nothing but terror and hardship to much of the world. Its is not too far fetched to think that this is a modern-day  version of that, where instead of Caesar being worshipped as lord, we are dealing with the idea of some Utopian worship of Gaia as that.  Interestingly enough Rome tried to accomplish this during a climate optimum, when the climate made it easier for Roman armies to conquer.  We are approaching a climate optimum now, but the portraying of it as a climate emergency is largely a soft tyranny version of a submission to that agenda via what amounts to an indoctrination that is meant to scare the public, same as the armies of Rome scared so many.


CO2 was not driving the climate of the planet then and there is a great deal of uncertainty of what , if any, measurable effect it is having now, but in the soft tyranny of today we have not yet reached the level that the Romans enforced to ensure their pax Romana, which was in effect putting to death or jailing anyone that dare speak against them, But we are seeing the shutting down of conversation and debate of anyone that dares  to disagree with this movement, and calls for trials of people that people who disagree.

So that maybe the core of the onion for nice guy Joe and Dantes lowest level of hell for others.Perhaps those others have a point.