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REPORT: UN Climate Activists Funded by Russia & Rockefeller Mock Trump With ‘Fossil of the Day’ award in Madrid

MADRID — Vitriolic climate protesters funded by Russia and Big Oil at the United Nations COP25 “climate change” summit in Madrid gave the United States first, second, and third place awards for “being the best at being the worst.” Government officials from around the world cheered on the spectacle.

Receiving the “Fossil of the Day” awards from the “Climate Action Network” (CAN) on behalf of the United States were three fake President Donald Trumps wearing Trump-style wigs and Make America Great Again hats. All of them gave speeches pretending to be Trump, being repeatedly booed for making statements similar to Trump’s about climate and globalism.

The largest financier of CAN, the network that gives the awards, is the Sea Change Foundation, according to the Heartland Institute. Congressional investigations revealed that the Sea Change Foundation had received almost $25 million from a shell corporation known as “Klein Ltd.” controlled by Putin cronies and Russian energy interests. European taxpayers via the European Commission have also funded the network, along with the Rockefeller oil dynasty.

At the COP25, the assembled crowd of well over 100 people — a mob of anti-American bureaucrats, tax-funded climate protesters, and official delegates from around the world — screamed with delight. A CAN man in a dinosaur costume egged them on. Their seething hatred and contempt for America, the president, the voters who elected him, and self-government itself was palpable.

Among the chief complaints of the anti-Trump “climate” activists was that the United States, under the current administration, has cut off the flow of taxpayer funds. Especially infuriating to the mob — virtually all of which was dependent on the “climate” industry — was the fact that the U.S. government was in the process of exiting the controversial UN “Paris Agreement.”

The decisions that caused the outrage come after decades of showering billions of dollars in U.S. tax money on the UN and its climate antics. Indeed, the U.S. has been the top financier of the UN since its founding, paying more than 170 countries combined. But there was no acknowledgment of that reality.

Also receiving the third place award with the United States was Canada, which was accused by UN globalists of continuing to extract energy. The second place award, meanwhile, which was given for failure to surrender enough money to the UN’s Green Climate [Slush] Fund (GCF), was shared with Australia.

In an interview with The New American, the fake Trump who received the first-place award spoke in character. When asked why the U.S. government was getting out, he noted that under the Paris Agreement, Communist China was not required to do anything, while the United States was supposed to make enormous sacrifices. He also pointed out that the global warming hypothesis was a “hoax.”

Receiving an award for doing what the activists demanded was the government of Denmark, which apparently recently passed a law doing what the announcer claimed was “demanded” by “science.” Throughout the spectacle, the UN-backed “science” was discussed as if it were some sort of god to whom everyone, everywhere must bow down.

Meanwhile, as The New American reported last week, there is plenty of scientific evidence available debunking the “climate emergency” narrative. In fact, prestigious scientists from around the world hosted a “Climate Reality Conference” near the COP25 venue, only to be ignored and demonized by the alarmists at the UN summit.

Joining other U.S. Democrats who ignored the political realities in the United States, self-styled inventor of the Internet Al Gore showed up at the COP25 to demonize Trump and the American people, too. He claimed that despite voting for a president who called the man-made warming hypothesis a “hoax,” the American people still supported the alarmism and “action on climate.”

“We have all of the youth of the world that are marching,” said Gore, sounding like the Pied Piper, after praising establishment-backed Swedish activist Greta Thunberg as a “great leader.” In 1994, Gore even called for a “Mission to Planet Earth” with a “worldwide monitoring system staffed by children … to rescue the global environment.” Of course, Gore understands that children are easier to deceive and manipulate than educated adults.

At the summit, climate activists in charge of investing California public employees’ pension funds held a panel discussion organized by CERES. They bragged about using government employees’ money to bully companies into implementing all sorts of “climate” and “sustainability” programs. In an interview after the discussion, CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System) CEO Jack Ehnes admitted he would invest in a “green” venture before a non-“climate friendly” option even if the returns were smaller, because he is focused on “long term.”

The New American magazine has a team on the ground at the UN “climate summit” right now. Stay tuned for more updates as the globalist elites and their tax-funded rent-a-mobs work to fashion and impose global shackles on humanity under the guise of saving the Earth. The battle to force humanity to pay for CO2 — the gas people exhale — is now well underway. But it is not over yet.