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Miami Art Week’s ‘sand’ piece on climate change could be made from toxic materials MIAMI — There’s concern at Miami Art Week that a popular installation about climate change is anything but environmentally friendly, according to sources. Artist Leandro Erlich’s much-buzzed-about work, “Order of Importance,” features 66 life-size replicas of cars and trucks constructed out of what appears to be sand along the South Beach shore. The traffic-jam […]

Obama Buys $11m Beachside Property– No Fear of Sea Level Rise? 7,000-square-foot home a few feet above sea level By Paul Homewood   Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have purchased a nearly 7,000-square-foot home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for $11.75 million, according to a report. The purchase price was recorded Wednesday with the local Registry of Deeds, the Vineyard Gazette reported. The Obamas paid about half the original asking price for the property when it […]

Meet the Climbing Kids: 8- & 11-Year-Old Siblings Who Rappel from Bridge Demanding ‘Climate Action’ As hundreds of thousands marched to the main stage during Friday’s climate march in Madrid, two young children — a brother and sister aged 8 and 11 — staged an act of civil disobedience from a bridge overlooking the protest. While demonstrators marched beneath them, the two children rappelled from an overpass, dangling from […]

Watch: Morano on Rebel TV: Greta Thunberg pivots to identity politics to divide and conquer for climate change

Marc Morano / @ClimateDepot with Ezra Levant: Greta Thunberg pivots to identity politics to divide and conquer for climate change. WATCH: | #COP25 — Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) December 9, 2019 Identity politics invades climate change debate These countries have the largest delegations at #COP25 348 Côte d’Ivoire293 DRC172 Spain (no surprise here)168 Brazil165 […]

UN slogans make scientifically baseless radical claims at summit in Madrid UN slogans make scientifically baseless radical claims in Madrid By CFACT Ed |December 9th, 2019|Climate|7 Comments These are official slogans being put up by the UN at COP 25 in Madrid.  They are ramping up the rhetoric, disconnecting from science, and rolling out the latest propaganda language. First global warming, then climate change, now climate emergency. […]

Steve Harvey Gives Epic Eye-Roll Over Climate Question At Miss Universe Pageant By Karen Townsend | December 9, 2019 12:10 AM EST Sometimes the host of a beauty pageant can provide as much entertainment as the contestants. Even a perfectly timed eye roll can leave a mark. The 2019 Miss Universe pageant aired December 8 on Fox with Steve Harvey serving as the host. Ninety women from around the world […]

UN Summit: Climate Alarmists wage a war of words, but where’s the beef? By Ronald Stein |December 9th, 2019|Climate|9 Comments Looking back, the climate alarmist’s movement started with Al Gore’s 2007 movie when he proclaimed the eminent extinction of the polar bears due to global warming. Since the population of polar bears has blossomed over the last decade, we’ve yet to hear another word from Al Gore on that […]

The antidote to @GretaThunberg – 19-year old Naomi Seibt – former climate alarmist turned climate skeptic Anthony Watts / 4 hours ago December 9, 2019 I met this amazing young lady in Madrid last week. At 19 years old; she impressed me with her quiet but powerful understanding of how she had been misled on climate alarmism. Recorded in Madrid, Spain, the site of the UN’s COP25. Naomi Seibt, a popular YouTube streamer, […]

L A Times supports mandated relocation of coastal properties based on climate alarmist flawed sea level rise claims Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The Los Angeles Times ran yet another scientifically unsupported climate alarmist sea level rise propaganda article supporting the position that government entities in the state need to mandate relocation of coastal properties away from the coast based upon speculation and conjecture derived from unvalidated and failed computer model outcomes of future […]