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Scientists Slam Free Science Speech Bullying… Dr. Benny Peiser: ‘We Are Living A Very Tragic Time’ In Germany

By P Gosselin

This past weekend in Munich, the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) held its 13th annual climate and energy conference. According to EIKE, over 200 attended, making it the most successful so far.

But as reported earlier, the EIKE conference organizers were forced to scramble at the last minute to find another location to hold the event after leftist green extremists had bullied the NH Munich Conference Center into cancelling the booking, before booting EIKE and attending scientists out onto the street.

Worse, the German civil apparatus did nothing to protect EIKE’s rights, turning a blind eye to the highly dubious breach of contract and intimidation of free speech.

In the end, EIKE managed to move the conference to a new location, which they chose to keep secret in order to hinder further attempts by the leftwing activists to disrupt and stifle free speech.

Die 13. Internationale Klima- und Energiekonferenz wurde erfolgreich beendet! Antifa und Klimakrakeeler produzierten sich als Volltrottel!

“Living in a very tragic time”

At conference a number of speakers commented on the unusual events.

For example, Dr. Benny Peiser commented (30:35): “The conference naturally will go down in history as being the first science congress since Nazi times that was attempted to be obstructed. And the problem of course is, as is the case in all authoritarian history, how a small minority begins and eventuially spreads like a fire to others. […] We are living in a very tragic time.”

Having moved from Germany to Great Britain 30 years ago, Dr. Peiser told how today he “can hardly recognize Germany any more.”

“Thirty years ago, freedom was a great word. Today it’s a curse word. Like George Orwell once said, ‘Freedom is the right to say what others don’t want to hear,”‘ Peiser reminded.

German law fears the leftists

Lord Christopher Monckton, Viscount of Brenchly also spoke (4:27:55) on the attempted shut down of the EIKE climate conference “by fascists calling themselves anti-fascists” and how the NH Munich Conference Center abruptly canceled – at the last minute – the contract to accommodate the EIKE conference. Monckton called the judge who refused to enforce the contract law “a coward”.

“He allowed the fascist bullies to frighten him into cancelling that venue,” Monckton said. “These are the people from whom the judge was frightened,” said Monckton, showing a slide of the leftist bullies.

Image: Lord Christopher Monckton, EIKE conference.

How did the German media respond to the EIKE climate conference? As expected, the mainstream media pretty much ignored it totally.

SZ: “deniers”…”non-transparent ultra-libertarians” …”almost only men”

But the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) published a commentary by Philipp Bovermann. And, as expected, it was hardly flattering – consisting of the same worn out, low-intellect, name-calling polemic that sadly has been earning German ‘journalists’ awards lately.

The SZ’s Bovermann even referred to Israeli astrophysicist Nir Shaviv as “a climate change denier”. And as is usual for the vast majority of today’s German mainstream journalists, Bovermann totally ignored the science. He wasn’t there for real science journalism, after all. His SZ screed obviously makes that clear. Rather he was there to produce recycled-plastic-grade political propaganda. No wonder we live in “very tragic times” in Germany.