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Expert Psychiatrist: Greta Being ‘Misused For Interests’ — Parents’ Promotion Of Troubled Child’ Ethically Problematic’

Expert Psychiatrist: Greta Being “Misused For Interests” …Parents’ Promotion Of Troubled Child “Ethically Problematic”

An expert psychoanalyst appeared on German television to provide his view on Greta’s high-octane anger, see (German) video below:

At her speech at the UN, Greta’s voice was filled with worry and acute anger. When asked about the source of the intense emotions, German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and book author Hans-Joachim Maazcommented:

What’s really bad about it, is the marketing, what is being made of her, how she is being, shall we say, used or misused for certain interests. […] I don’t find this is appropriate. I would surely critically ask the parents what they intend by all this, that they are tolerating this, that they are indeed promoting Greta’s personal problem. I find this ethically problematic.”

Anger has other sources

About the pain and anger in her performance in New York that was accompanied by emotionally charged accusations that her youth and life have been destroyed by the climate situation, Maaz says: “That’s just not real. It’s not the case. She just hasn’t had any such really serious experience that would justify such anger. But she harbors such affects within herself and they certainly have a totally other source.”

The German psychiatrist adds:

That they fundamentally allow her to storm in such a direction, without taking her problems into account, without giving her help – that I find to be highly troublesome.”