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Update: Holthaus apologizes – Warmist Eric Holthaus disses Michael Mann: ‘He’s not your climate hero, he’s a gatekeeper’ – Declares Mann ‘constantly promote[s] his own work, even when women are more qualified’ – Mann fires back decrying ‘toxicity’

The climate battle is over Penn State Professor Michael Mann’s assertions about the Green New Deal.

Radical reform and the Green New Deal – Mann raised the ire of fellow climate activists with these words about climate activist Naomi Klein:

Mann: “I share her (Klein’s) concern over each of these societal afflictions, but I wonder at the assertion that it’s not possible to address climate change without solving all that plagues us. My worry is this. Saddling a climate movement with a laundry list of other worthy social programmes risks alienating needed supporters (say, independents and moderate conservatives) who are apprehensive about a broader agenda of progressive social change. The pessimist in me also doubts that we’ll eliminate greed and intolerance within the next decade.”

Holthaus reacted:

Mann fires back at Holthaus:

Warmist Naomi Klein piles on against Mann!


Holthaus apologies to Mann: ‘I apologise for hurting him’