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Fighting back against upcoming Al Gore-produced fraudulent ‘Climate Reality’ presentations in our schools

By Tom Nelson
On Nov. 20-21, 2019, in schools around the world, for ages down to kindergarten, Al Gore’s “Climate Reality” group plans to give presentations based on Gore’s highly fraudulent “Truth in 10” slideshow.
I think as many skeptics as possible should check out the map here. If a presentation is scheduled at a local school, please take the time to write a complaint letter.  (Please let me know via DM, email, or comment here if you do some pushback).
From an email I just sent to our local high school’s superintendent, principal, and chemistry teacher:
I found out that a climate presentation from an Al Gore group (“Climate Reality”), along with a “climate activism” talk, is scheduled to be given to five Mounds View chemistry classes on Nov 20.
The presenter was part of a group personally “trained” by Al Gore when he was in Minneapolis in August 2019.  The stated goal of that training is to “shape public opinion, influence policy, and inspire your community to act at this critical time”:
From Climate Reality’s mission statement:
“The Earth is facing a climate crisis, driven by fossil fuels.
At Climate Reality, we’re here to make urgent action a necessity. In politics. In business. In every aspect of our lives. Everywhere.
Urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables. Urgent action to halt the Trump Administration’s radical fossil fuel agenda
I view the proposed presentation (given by Al Gore here) as politics masquerading as science. I personally don’t think this presentation or “climate activism” belongs in MVHS chemistry classes, but if that happens, I’d like to ask for “equal time” in those chemistry classes to correct some of that misinformation.
I have a great interest in the scientific debate around climate change; I’ve been sanity-checking these issues almost daily in great detail for about 12 years. I do have about 35 slides (graphs etc) that I’ve pulled together in the last few days, with more planned.
I agree with [another parent] who wrote about the Nov 20 presentations:
“The kids should be given both sides and let them use their critical think skills to decide what they believe. I would be happy to support…You can include me as concerned parent.  I could also attend the class to support your cause”.
Background: From this Al Gore tweet, I found out that his “Climate Reality” group will be making basically the same climate pitch all around the world on Nov 20-21, including in high schools and in classes for students as young as kindergarten:
Here’s one key misinformation-packed slide from Al Gore’s spiel. Look at all the horrible stuff allegedly caused by ~400 ppm CO2!