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Watch: Morano debates warmist Professor on Kids Climate Strikes & The Prof. admits he does not like them either!

Broadcast October 16, 2019 – America This Week – Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling moderated a debate between hydrologist Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm and, the chairman of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Department at the University of Maryland and Marc Morano the founder of ClimateDepot and a skeptic of the climate change consensus. Professor Miralles-Wilhelm is also with The Nature Conservancy.

Kids climate strikes: 

Selected excerpts:

Prof. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm: “I have two daughters who are or very engaged and I just I mean I’m still, to be honest, I’m still grappling with how I deal with this…I don’t think we’re conveying the positive side of that equation to the younger generations and that worries me as a parent and as a citizen.

Marc Morano: “It’s really refreshing. I’m happy that you hear the professor here say that. Because many of his colleagues — people like Michael Mann the Penn State, a UN top scientist — just signed a letter urging his colleges across America to declare a climate emergency on campuses. He’s the University of Maryland. I doubt your University of Maryland will do that, but we need more scientists like Miralles-Wilhelm because he’s the voice of reason against these other ones who are egging these kids on and it’s just it’s such a gross disservice to children, robbing them of their innocence in childhood.”

Prof. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm: “I don’t think people like Al Gore are the best spokespersons for the climate. Neither is Greta.”


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