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Leading Quebec eco-radical considers ‘climate emergency’ more severe than ‘Hitlerian fascism’

By Jakob Glogauer,

Dominic Champagne, a theatre industry professional and environmental activist, has been making many troubling remarks regarding his passion for “climate justice” and has pushed the boundaries beyond reasonable limits to spread his extreme opinions.

Champagne is one of the key leaders in the establishment of “Le Pacte,” a document that encourages reductions of greenhouse gas use in all parts of life for two years, and for many legislative recommendations to all levels of government. He calls for all the words on the list to become reality and was a speaker at the Climate March in Montreal on September 27.

Le Pacte essentially is trying to take on a form of “environmental dictatorship,” an authoritarian state dictated by ideals of the “climate crisis” movement.

Then this past Tuesday, October 8, Champagne attended an Extinction Rebellion demonstration, where he continued to call for a change in government practices, to solely benefit the environment.

He said that “those who must be condemned today are those who are inactive, not those who have decided to take their courage with both hands and to ensure that something happens.”

Champagne suggests going beyond non-violent resistance to spark some sort of change in society, and, is perilously close to calling for violence in the name of “climate justice.”

It has been confirmed that Champagne will be speaking at a conference in Montreal that explores this very idea, titled “Climate Emergency: Must we introduce an environmental dictatorship?” It is very concerning that a conference using the platform of the Le Monde Festival would ever allow for this sort of counterproductive dialogue to take place.

Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace Canada, who also spoke at the Montreal Climate March will also be speaking at the “environmental dictatorship” conference.

Even more concerning are some of the partners supporting the festival full of a lineup of speakers who seem to give in to the idea that a climate emergency requires the need for a totalitarian-based government. The major partners include the Consulate General of France in Quebec, the Government of Quebec, Concordia University, UQAM, Desjardins, Banque Transatlantique, Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund, Air Canada, and Desjardins, just to name a few.