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Poll shows kids growing more scared of climate & Pope Francis continues his role as a climate lobbyist

Pope Francis, the lobbyist

Marc Morano, a climate skeptic and the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, said of the climate strike: “It is all part of the climate activist plan to use kids because they have failed to convince adults.”

Morano deplored climate change activists who interrupted his talk at Georgetown University on September 19 with shouts and air horns. When campus police asked the vociferous protesters to leave, they refused.

Regarding this apparent refusal by students to allow dissent, Morano said, “It’s not surprising. They’ve been indoctrinated from kindergarten through college, and it’s only gotten worse,” adding that “young people are buying into” the belief that the world will soon end. Morano said that the doctrine of climate change has permeated academia, schools, and popular culture. The federal government, he said, continues to fund it.

As a Catholic, Morano said he is disappointed with Pope Francis’ position on climate change. Morano is a critic of the Pope’s 2015 environmentalist encyclical Laudato Si. Morano denounced what he called an “unholy alliance” between the Vatican and “anti-capitalist, pro-population control advocates,” such as economist Jeffrey Sachs, who promote fear of man-made climate change.

“The Pope has gone full-on lobbyist,” Morano told LifeSiteNews, adding, “In his encyclical he called on Catholics to pray for the successful passage of the UN Paris agreement. About a month ago, he did something similar. He is literally lobbying for policies that would not have any effect on climate change, even if you believe the United Nations’ science.”

“It is way out of line, completely bonkers, that the Pope would allow himself to be used as a lobbying tool for the United Nations.”