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Greta’s ‘Green’ coming to America was via petrochemicals worthy of a royal & Trans-Atlantic flights both ways for the yacht’s crew

Swedish climate kid Greta Thunberg was ferried across the Atlantic on the elite racing yacht Malizia II by Pierre Casiraghi, a member of Monaco’s ruling Grimaldi family, and the youngest grandson of Princess Grace Kelly.  The yacht helped protect the Earth from emissions from plane trips by Greta, her father, and a cameraman.  Trans-Atlantic flights both ways for the yacht’s crew and Greta’s handlers did add up though.  Apparently Greens cannot cross oceans via noblesse oblige alone.

If you’d like to travel like Greta and Pierre you can have your own Imoca 60 class yacht built for around $5 million (sails extra).  Alternatively, you could pick up this aging example for only $811,720.  Cost-conscious promoters hope to cut future prices by as much as $ 1 million.

Once Socialism is fully implemented these yachts will be free to all.  A Bernie Sanders-style tax on “millionaires and billionaires” should do the trick.  Fear not, it should take years before we burn through their money and get to yours.

Time-lapse: Watch a Greta green yacht rise from petrochemicals worthy of a royal 1

(Note: For global Socialists celebrating the low carbon lifestyle at the Yacht Club of Monaco, the buttons on your blazer are to be blue or black.  Gold and silver buttons are to be worn by officers only.)

Imoca 60 class yachts are wonders of modern engineering, though carbon fiber yachts (as the name might imply), are not exactly low carbon.  They are made primarily from petroleum and natural gas/propane.  Carbon fiber yachts are pumped out of the ground by oil companies.

Watch workers spray petrochemicals into a mold to make an Imoca 60 class yacht, sister to the one Greta Thunberg used for her royal “Green” coming to America.

When not sailing their multi-million dollar racing toy, the Grimaldi family enjoys a fleet of yachts and private jets, including a royal Dassault Falcon 7X jet.  A three engine 7X will set you back $45 million, but you can pick one up used for as little as $19 million.  These jets are engineered for fuel efficiency, burning only 4,000 pounds of fuel during their first hour of flight, then settling in for an eco-sensitive fuel burn of only 2,250 pounds per hour for the remainder of the trip.

Watch Prince Albert II of Monaco after jetting in to pick up an honorary doctorate from the University of Bern in Switzerland.  The Prince and his entourage courageously spared themselves and the environment the grueling nine hour train ride from the Monte Carlo main station, freeing up valuable rail space for we hoi polloi in the process.

Here’s how Pierre Casiraghi and wife Beatrice Borromeo travel when not aboard their multi-million dollar petrochemical racing yacht.  They certainly needed a private jet to get to step-cousin Prince Ernst August, Jr.’s wedding.  With changing stations, the train ride from Monte Carlo to Hanover could have taken over 14 hours.  They might have flown commercial, but mon Dieu!  Saving the planet is one thing, but one must maintain standards.

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