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Astrophysicist from University of Calgary’s new climate book: ‘The Layman’s Guide to the Greatest Scientific Fraud in History’

Joseph E. Postma: You’re going to learn about the greatest fraud which has ever, and which could ever, occur in science. The audacity of the fraud is matched only by its simplicity. The amazing thing is that anyone, down to Kindergarten children, can see the fraud and appreciate it as a fraud, while almost no scientist, particularly physicists at universities, cannot and refuse to. Strange! This book will give you all of the information that you need to debunk what is now the single greatest political and scientific fraud in history. It doesn’t matter what else the other side tries to plead, it doesn’t matter what “data” they emotionally believe themselves to be referring to – absolutely nothing that they say about their ploy will be taken seriously any longer. This books debunks their narrative at step one, and everything else they say afterwards is junk pseudoscience