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John Kerry Declares ‘World War Zero’ on ‘Axis of Opposition’ to Climate Agenda

By Craig Bannister | September 24, 2019 | 12:55 PM EDT

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has declared “World War Zero” on those who oppose liberals’ climate change agenda.

“We’re going to create a movement here in America, I believe, that will – and across the world, actually – a global movement called WORLD WAR ZERO,” the former Obama Administration State Department head said in an interview announcing his net-zero-carbon-economy-by-2050 initiative on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday:

“And you can go to now, and there’s an introductory page. In October, we’ll be filling out the full web site, but we will be announcing this in full with big names, a big concept that is going to help change the political dynamic in America. It’s going to create political accountability around the world for leaders who are not doing what is necessary.”

The website extends the “war” metaphor throughout – even calling those who oppose their climate agenda “the axis” – a term used to describe Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II:

“World War Zero will unite unlikely allies and bring together powerful influencers and you to win the future we all deserve, and triumph over today’s axis of opposition: delay, denial, and distortion.”

Other “war” references on the site include:

  • “World War Zero: The war we must wage and win,”
  • “With you, World War Zero is winnable,”
  • “No country can win this war alone. Victory requires a massive mobilization and unprecedented innovation,”
  • “To triumph we need you.”

There is even an “Enlist!” button on the site, which supporters can click to sign up to join the fight.