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EU increases its budget for officials’ private jets despite pledges to tackle ‘climate change’

  • The EU has increased ‘air taxi’ contract to transport top officials to €10.71 million
  • Deal originally for €7.14m and included destinations such as Berlin and Stuttgart
  • Now thought limit will be reached before end date in 2021 so amount increased
  • Yesterday EU commissioner for climate action said the bloc was ‘climate leader’

The European Union is set to spend an extra three million euros on funding private jets for its officials, while also aiming to be a ‘global climate leader’.

Although still two years away from the ‘air taxi’ contract ending, the EU has decided to raise the amount that can be spent to €10.71 million, a 50 per cent increase on the starting amount.

Originally the deal, which runs from 2016 to 2021, had a value of €7.14 million but it is not thought that will not cover all the travel needed, reports Politico.

When agreed two years ago, the contract was for an estimated 871 flight hours and to destinations including Strasbourg, Berlin and Stuttgart.