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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: Climate activists are ‘using kids as human shields’

>> Climate change protests around the world. Today in D.C. Protesters trying to shut down traffic in our nation’s capital. The U.N. Holding the climate change summit ahead of the general assembly this week. Marc Morano Climate Depot founder. Let me come at it like this.>> Sure.

Stuart: Seems to me the rest of the world is at odds with America on climate change and we are at odds with the rest of the world on climate change.

Morano:  There is truth to that partially but before I go there, parts of Canada, particular western Canada, Poland, Brazil, there is coalition of countries Italy and Europe are rejecting the net zero. There is climate protest fomenting.

Stuart: Net zero?

>> Net zero emission.

Stuart: Reject that.

Morano: The old eastern block of the Soviet Union. Soviet Union dominated countries are rejecting that. The answer to this question. We’ve always been at odds for simple reasons. When someone propose as U.N. Climate treaty or almost always central planning, massive government regulation. Europeans are not opposed to that. They don’t bother to challenge the science or look at the reason why it is being forced on them. In the United States, we say wait a minute, what? You look at the science. The science doesn’t hold up. Even if you believe the science the solutions like “Green New Deal” don’t have any impact. Even according to their own models. 100 years from now you can’t tell the difference. That is why America is more skeptical. We have the American attitude. We see it on guns and other things as well. We reject that kind of government control over our lives.

Stuart: Do you think that the solutions that the solutions to climate change are still popular in Europe? Europe is suffering from the so-called solutions?

Morano: >> Seniors are suffering. In the UK winner deaths have increased. It is raising costs of energy across the board. Germany is struggling with it. We’re doing better in the United States than the European signers who will be at the U.N. Summit shaming President Trump. We’re leading the world in coo 2 emissions.

Stuart: Nobody ever points that out. America has done more to cut CO2 emissions that than any other major economy.
Morano: >> It is chiefly through fracking. If we faced a climate catastrophe, the last thing you want the you know says centralized transformation that will make life on plan “Earth” Earth very different. A direct quote from the U.N. Climate chief. You want technology, innovation, free markets competing if Al Gore is right, there is a lot of money to be made in solar wind, all that, great, let on them make it. If we go to Walmart, buy a solar panel, get Off the Grid, we can stop the nonsense about the “Green New Deal.” The point he is not right about it. This is using the climate scare to get political agenda they couldn’t otherwise get. That is why they’re using kids as human shields.

Stuart: Before we close, do you believe human activity is contributing to the warming the planet?

Morano: >> Key word is contributing. Humans can warm the planet, we can cool the planet. I think we have a impact, but it is not distinguishable from natural variability. European scientists says we would’t notice the difference without modern instrumentation. We’re not the control knob of the climate. That is the difference. These kids are testifying before Congress saying they have no future unless we can essentially kill the market economy in the United States and impose a central plan on us. That is what they’re testifying.

Stuart: That really got to me, children, they are very young kids, who are making grandiose statements, words put into their mouths by adults.
Morano: >> It is sad. They had a die-in for the kids, Greta Thunberg, went to the White House. They had kids lying down at the White House Gates 11 minutes to symbolize 11 years the planet is death. Unless government saves it to legislate storms and weather. That is really dark day for the movement when they turn to kids like this as human shields.

Stuart: Marc, thank you for joining us. See you soon.
>> Thank you, Stuart.