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Report: Teen climate school skipper Greta Thunberg is ‘a pawn of a consortium of greedy green venture capitalists and investors’

Sorry, Greta, even your fellow Swedes aren’t buying the climate change claptrap anymore

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish child activist who doesn’t know much but is very certain of what she’s saying, is having her heyday in the U.S., fiercely putting on her “I won’t eat those peas” face for the cameras, telling the U.S. Congress they’re not trying hard enough, leading a giant global protest today, and getting hailed as the child savior of the Earth.

Just one glitch here.  Her home nation of Sweden — yes, you read right: Sweden — isn’t buying the global warming claptrap anymore.  Marc Morano over at Climate Depot has found a damning survey.

An international opinion poll published today reveals that half of the UK population and most European citizens are sceptical about the conventional climate alarm.

Despite blanket coverage of the antics of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion on the BBC and elsewhere in the media, just 51% of Britons think that mankind is the main cause of climate change.
And as the poll reveals, a majority of Europeans, including two thirds of Scandinavians, are dissenters from the climate “consensus”.

According to GWPF director, Dr Benny Peiser, the general public is hard to fool:
“The public can tell when they are on the receiving end of a hard sell. The more climate alarmists scream about emergencies, the more the mainstream media shut down any dissent, the less convinced the man in street will be.”

So let’s break down the chart here.

Thirty-six percent of Swedes think climate change is man-caused.  Forty-eight percent think the climate is changing, and humans are only partly responsible.  Eight percent say the climate is changing and it’s not people doing it.  Two percent say it’s not changing at all.

Greta’s a proud member of the Swedish 36%.  The rest of the Swedes are, in varying degrees, skeptical — some very skeptical, indeed.  Based on that same chart, these Swedes overall rank more skeptical than the people in the U.S.  And when you want to get into the really big leagues of skepticism, the Norwegians are the most skeptical of the scam, ranking at rock bottom on the same climate change gullibility chart by one point in the first category.

Seems Greta’s coming here because there are more gullible people.  Most of the Swedes have had it, and they’re all global-warminged out.

It actually suggests a trend, given how badly Scandinavia in general has previously bought into the myth.  At some point, the bee ess becomes clear after the elites keep drumming it in.  It’s nothing but a disguised scam for intensifying government power and fostering crony capitalism.

It points out a sorry reality: that the cute and sincere Swedish kidlet is a pawn of a consortium of greedy green venture capitalists and investors whose agenda is to get in on government-contracts green action based on legislated green priorities, same way Al Gore did, and make themselves a crony-capitalism killing.

Greta is being hailed as persuasive in her global warming activism.  In reality, she’s a Hail Mary pass from a rearguard jurocracy hell-bent on institutionalizing global warming to its own benefit.  Sorry, Greta.