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‘Climate Grief’ – Stricken Students Protest as Hollywood Rallies

As Mark Ruffalo and Mick Jagger lend support to the Greta Thunberg-fronted movement, studio-executive and agency-partner parents are attending the downtown Pershing Square protest as LAUSD does not excuse school absentees: “Our kids are very activated.”

The Global Climate Strike, sweeping around every time zone and starting in Los Angeles today at noon, is involving Hollywood parents including CAA Foundation executive Rachel Kropa and their kids. Timed to occur three days before the United Nation’s Climate Summit, the strike has already seen hundreds of thousands of participants leave school or work across Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. Stars including Mark Ruffalo and Mick Jagger have tweeted in support of the strike, which demands action on the climate crisis and is inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Said Ruffalo in a video message on Twitter: “We’re going to back up our young people in their cry for a climate future and a livable future…the biggest strike of this nature to support the Green New deal, 100 percent renewable energy, the respect of indigenous rights and treaties, biodiversity, environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. These are all things that together can make an impact, can help us mitigate against the worst of what we’re facing in climate change, and help ensure a better future for these beautiful young people who are crying out right now for us to be sincere and honest and earnest in dealing with this catastrophe.”