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German Climatologist Werner Kirstein Unloads: ‘UN IPCC Is To Deceive People’ — Calls Michael Mann’s Chart ‘A Fake’

By P Gosselin

German climate scientist Professor Werner Kirstein was interviewed by alternative media outlet NuoViso,  and since the video was released early this month on Youtube, it has been viewed over 130,000, times.

Politics commissioning reports for money

In the interview Professor Kirstein tells moderator Robert Stein that CO2 emissions have no effect on the climate and that “politicians commission climate scientists to produce expert reports for money.”

“Public is being deceived”

Prof. Kirstein talks about the “conscious deception” of the public and how all research projects and publications by “climate scientists” only have the goal of confirming “man-made climate change” and that different scientific views are not welcome.

According to Kirstein, the public is being deceived with the false information and that the aim of politics is to find a way to collect further taxes and to collect levies.

“We currently see this with the climate tax, which is to be introduced soon,” Kirstein says.

Movement back to feudalism

In the interview Kirstein also says that in Germany it gets down to ideologues pursuing an ideological transformation. He says: “I say this a bit exaggerated: We are to become a society of craftsmen and farmers like under feudal rule. Above are the feudals and below are the peasants who pay taxes. Industry is a detrimental thing that destroys the environment.”

Doomsday scenarios are “false”

The now retired professor calls the doomsday scenario in which the polar caps melt due to the CO2 greenhouse effect and floods and climate refugee flows occur worldwide, false.

“Even if all CO2 emissions in Germany were stopped, the effect would still be zero. We have no influence on climate change,” he says.

Mann’s hockey stick “a fake”, Gore “a profiteer”

Kirstein also sharply criticizes the IPCC and Prof. Michael E. Mann, telling Stein: “The purpose of the IPCC report is to deceive people,” and that Mann’s famous curve in the shape of a hockey stick chart and the graphics “are fake.”

Kirstein also blasted Al Gore, calling him a “profiteer” of the spreading global warming hysteria.

Warming has been natural, “All this is normal”

“In truth, it was very warm in the 12th century in the Middle Ages. And about 150 years ago a small ice age came to an end, both were suppressed in Michael Mann’s curve,” Kirstein said. He calls the rise in temperature after the Little Ice Age a natural “reheating”.

Kirstein also says the assumption that the glaciers have declined due to global warming is also wrong.

“Glaciers come and glaciers go. But that also varies from region to region,” the expert says. “That is why the ice would increase at the South Pole and some glaciers would melt at the North Pole. All this is normal.”