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2020 Democratic Candidates Turn Focus to Climate Change At CNN Forum

All 10 candidates have proposed plans starting at $1 trillion for investment and research designed to wean the U.S. economy off oil, gas and coal by mid-century, with varying focuses on sharp emissions cuts and technological solutions, among other measures.

The top Democratic presidential contenders on Wednesday talked tough on cutting climate-damaging emissions from oil, gas and coal, turning their focus to global heating in a marathon evening of town halls that gave candidates a chance to try to distinguish themselves on a topic of growing importance to their party’s liberal base.

The unique and lengthy climate conversations promised to hand Republicans ammunition for next year’s general election fight by emphasizing one common element in the Democrats’ climate change plans: their overwhelming — and overwhelmingly costly — scope. But the 10 Democrats who participated in the seven-hour series of climate change forums on CNN didn’t shrink from making sweeping promises to reshape the American economy in service of what their party’s grassroots supporters see as the paramount goal of averting global warming’s most devastating effects.