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Former NASA Climatologist rips ‘weather/climate charlatans’ for constantly claiming ‘hottest on record’

By Dr. Duane Thresher

July 20, 2019

It’s that time of year again — summer — when the weather/climate charlatans try to scare us into believing that because we are having the annual heat wave, global warming is real and the world will surely end by next summer (by which time you’ll have forgotten last summer). During this time you get headlines no less ludicrous than the title of this article from self-promoting fake meteorologists and climate scientists — charlatans for short (look up its definition) — like Jeff Masters and Bob Henson of Weather Underground (named in honor of a terrorist group) and James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt of NASA GISS (named because they were supposed to do space studies, not climate), where I (Dr. Duane Thresher) used to be a very qualified climate scientist doing climate modeling on supercomputers.

Snake oil salesman, Chicken Little.Snake oil salesman, Chicken Little.

While I made up my article headline — IQ test: could you tell it’s made-up? — it was inspired by the no-less-ludicrous Weather Underground headline February 2018: Earth’s 11th Warmest February on Record. This “record” high was intended as proof of global warming, which is absurd. It would be entirely possible to have had Earth’s 11th warmest February during the last ice age, which ended about 12,000 years ago. In fact, it would be entirely possible to have Earth’s 1st warmest February during the last ice age, particularly since there were over 100,000 years in the last ice age to randomly try.

These ludicrous headlines by these charlatans often say “hottest on record” or “hottest since records began” without ever saying when that was, even though any records complete and accurate enough to even pretend they are meaningful, by any stretch of the imagination (and these charlatans have quite the imaginations) go back only a few decades, a timescale which climate has been naturally varying over since there was climate, long before man.

Or these ludicrous headlines by these charlatans say “hottest in X years”, where X near 100 is favored. But if it was that hot back then you can’t seriously say the temperature has been dramatically increasing (since the 1800’s when man supposedly started global warming during the Industrial Revolution). At worst the temperature must have been about the same for the last 100 years. It could even be headed toward that of another ice age, which Earth is actually due for, as shown by more solid scientific evidence — orbital variations — than there is for global warming. Warm periods only last about 10,000 years, ice ages about 100,000.

Or these ludicrous headlines by these charlatans say, for example and combined with one of the records phrases above, the “3 hottest years were in the last 10 years”. But to think this proves global warming is just an even less convincing version of the gambler’s fallacy. If you flip a coin 100 times and the last 10 times are heads, this proves nothing about what it will be in the future. The delusional gambler thinks it’s “due” to be tails and the delusional global warmist thinks it will remain heads. And yes, climate, like weather, is a random, i.e. unpredictable, process, as proven by chaos theory (strange attractors are just statistical limits, like coin tosses will be 50% heads and 50% tails on average over many coin tosses).
These charlatans also never mention the accuracy of the records, which are often laughable if you know anything about them like I actually do. For example, there is the unknowable heat island effect in these records, whereby cities, which have grown over the years and where most measurements are made, make it warmer locally (for example, because streets and roofs absorb heat better than grass and trees) even without global warming.

Besides the fact that I know these headlines are complete nonsense scientifically, they also don’t scare me like they are meant to — remember the story of Chicken Little and “the sky is falling” — because from experience I am not a weather weenie like most, as the charlatans count on.

I spent three summers in Tucson, in the southern Arizona desert — walking and biking, not huddling by the air conditioner — where the daytime temperature is 100 F or more for long periods. Most of the heat injury stories there were about kids getting second degree burns from falling on the street asphalt, not about heat deaths. And heat deaths are conveniently (for scaring people) very loosely defined; it’s actually hard to be directly killed by the heat. Often anyone who dies of a heart attack during a heat wave is falsely classified as a heat death, even if they might just as likely have died during the winter.

I also climbed Ayers Rock (no, I won’t call it Uluru, I’m not an Aborigine), in the center of the Australian desert, during summer — February in the Southern Hemisphere — in a long line of climbers, who all survived and were jumping around happily at the top.

Further, I spent three winters in Fairbanks, Alaska where it was near -40 F for long periods and the people went around praying for global warming. It’s a lot easier to be killed by the cold than the heat and yet there weren’t any cold deaths reported.

Such the-sky-is-falling headlines are how the extraordinary popular delusion of global warming got started in the first place by charlatan James Hansen, former Director of NASA GISS and my former boss there.

James Hansen became the father of global warming by being a snake oil salesman, a charlatan trying to scare people into buying what he had to sell. In June 1988 unscrupulous members of Congress desperate to make some headlines for themselves decided on global warming and after searching, contacted James Hansen to testify. James Hansen was then a 47-year-old scientist, whose degrees were from a second-rate university and not even in the field of climate or meteorology. His career was going nowhere; he was the director of an obscure institute, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, that was in danger of being shut down, particularly since its former director was fired for embezzlement.

The unscrupulous Congressmen intentionally scheduled Hansen to testify about global warming on what was historically the hottest day of the year in Washington D.C. Not only was it again the hottest day of the year but they intentionally turned off the air conditioning in the room. The television image of Hansen sweating while testifying about the dangers of global warming was overwhelming — global warming must be real. Hansen hasn’t looked back since. He made a career out of such headlines.

The current Director of NASA GISS — Brit, juggler, my former colleague, and charlatan Gavin Schmidt — was hand-picked by his crony James Hansen, and his career is following Hansen’s almost exactly. I look forward to his being fired for misuse of federal funding.

To be more accurate the title of this article should have been The Fifteenth Hottest Third Tuesday In July At 8 AM Since Records Using A Broken Thermometer Began (Last August) but I have no need to set a record, longest article title. OK, I’m actually holding out for the largest collection of toilet paper, using the articles such headlines I discussed are on.


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