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WAPO Accidentialy Debunks Melting Glacier Due to CO2



No matter how hard the WAPO tried to promote the Climate Change hoax, they failed miserably. Their own graphic highlights how warm water is melting the glacier and the glacier is melting from BELOW, far from the impact of CO2 driven LWIR back radiation.

To blame CO2 one would have to explain how CO2 and LWIR can warm water, which it doesn’t.

Quantum Physics 101; Why CO2 Can’t be Melting the Glaciers and Sea Ice

The Most Powerful Evidence Climate Scientists Have of Global Warming…Rules Out CO2 as the Cause

For CO2 to cause the melting, you would need to show that the atmosphere is warming above the glacier and that the air is above freezing. Most of the year it isn’t. Also, melting ice on the surface doesn’t cause calving. You can test this by visiting this site and adding the temperature layer. (Source) You have to scroll over to the left to see the actual glacier. Look for the Line and 60°0W.

Tony Heller over at Real Science does a great job exposing how dishonest the WAPO is with their reporting regarding Climate Change.

Growth Of The Petermann Glacier Since 2012 (Source)

Because the calving part of the glacier is floating on water, a simple sea storm could break off a large chunk, and it would have nothing to do with CO2. More importantly, the very fact that the glacier is calving is because it is growing and pushing ice out into the ocean. No one is concerned with the glacier growing and pushing ice out into the sea, and they shouldn’t be, a glacier is a dynamic structure. The whole point is that the glacier that is disappearing is disappearing because it is the result of growth. This glacier is like making sausage. As the sausage grows, it eventually gets cut off, and a new sausage starts. The key is, the amount of the sausage in the hopper isn’t shrinking just because a sausage is produced. More and more sausage is being added to the hopper.

What the WAPO has done is prove that a degree in journalism is pretty much worthless. If a reporter so scientifically illiterate as the reporter that wrote this article can get a job at one of the most established newspapers on earth, being a journalist is the equivalent of a worker at a fast food restaurant. Any teenager could work for the WAPO. You can’t even really call journalism a profession. When I was in school, if you failed out of every other major, you dropped down into Journalism. Those academic failures now work for the WAPO and NYTs.

Lastly, on the glacier website, use the “Start Comparison” function and you can compare the glacier from the past to the glacier of today. It takes just a few seconds, a few seconds the WAPO reporter was too lazy, ignorant or deliberately deceitful to spend to get to the truth. (Source)