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Decades ago, the UN promised climate disaster; so why hasn’t it arrived? By Daniel Turner I’m not quite old enough to remember the “global cooling” scare of the 1970s and the media’s drumbeat of the coming ice age that would end mankind. But I have been told many times the end is near by doomsday prophets who have frightened people into green orthodoxy better than any […]

Delingpole: ‘Approaching Peak Greta’ – German Drivers Are Displaying ‘F*** You Greta’ Bumper Stickers German drivers have begun displaying ‘F*** you Greta’ bumper stickers in protest at the world’s most irritating and over-promoted teenage girl. Greta Thunberg — with her distinctive pigtails and the thousand-yard stare of a girl who can actually see in the air all that evil “carbon” which is supposedly going to destroy the planet […]

Student valedictorians focus speeches on ‘climate change’ Climate change and how to curb it is the most important issue on the minds of young Americans — an issue that will likely influence their vote. We’re already seeing young voters more vocally active on climate change. Earlier this year, thousands of college and high school students around the world staged a Youth […]