In my article Priceless Crisis I wondered whether the climate issue would rise, fall or be swept under the rug in the presidential candidate debates? That still remains to be seen but the issue has blown up for sure. Some people now want a separate climate debate, but the powers that be are resisting. This is now called the “debate debate”.

The Democratic National Committee is clearly afraid of this issue, as they should be. But the greens are hot for it, led by AOC’s Sunrise Movement. In the ongoing tweet storm, Sunrise political director Evan Weber is reported as saying “Our very survival as a species is at stake.” This is a fantasy but then it is a circus, right? In this case the clowns are green.

My understanding is that there are going to be a whopping 12 separate debates, which almost makes sense given that this is supposedly the largest number of one party candidates in the history of America. No doubt this is the Trump effect, attracting opponents and such. Good for him.

The number of candidates is the specific problem with having a single issue debate. Just about every candidate has a stated position on climate, some extreme, others not so much. So who gets to be on stage? I would be happy if it were just the extremists like Sanders and Inslee, but nobody wants to be left out lest it appear they do not care about the supposedly (and nonsensical) dire threat of climate change.

The DNC is already struggling with these numbers, having general debates among groups of ten candidates and such. I imagine that every candidate would want to be included in a climate debate.

The unworkability of this issue is part of the fun. Reportedly there are petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures calling for a climate debate. It can’t work.

Apparently this firestorm was kicked off when Inslee proposed a climate change debate, this being his flagship issue. DNC chairman Tom Perez said no, even suggesting that Inslee was not a major candidate. But climate change is now an irresistible driving force among the Democrats, so the big guns like Sanders and Biden have reportedly joined the push.

Hill Heat puts it this way:

Today, Joe Biden became the 15th Democratic candidate for president to call for a climate debate, making a mockery of Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez’s claim such a debate would be “at the request of one candidate.”

Perez was evidently singling out Jay Inslee, who has made climate action a centerpiece of his campaign.

In fact, the demand for a presidential debate focused on climate began with the youth climate activist groups U.S. Youth Climate Strike and Sunrise Movement. Inslee was the first candidate to support their campaign, though over a dozen fellow candidates soon followed suit.”

The point is that the Democrats are now caught in the throes of a fantasy. The climate extremists are trying to drive the presidential election agenda. The extent to which they will succeed remains to be seen, but it is great fun to watch.

Meanwhile, America is doing well under President Trump’s leadership. If the Democrats really think that American’s care about this fantasy “climate crisis” they are almost certainly mistaken. But if the Sunrise Movement is now driving the Democrat Party, I say Woohoo!

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