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European Heat Wave Shatters June Record in Germany

By Bob Henson and Chris Dolce

2 hours ago

Record Breaking Heat Continues in Europe

At a Glance

  • A major heat wave is in place over western Europe.
  • The all-time June high-temperature record has already been topped in Germany.
  • An area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere is responsible for the extreme heat.

A heat wave currently baking western Europe has already set new all-time June record highs, as an intense dome of high pressure taps into a hot air from northern Africa.

Germany recorded its hottest June temperature on record, Wednesday, with a high of 38.6 degrees Celsius (101.5 degrees Fahrenheit) in Coschen, near the Polish border about 65 miles southeast of Berlin, according to the German meteorological service DWD. The previous German June heat record had stood for almost 72 years.

Fifty-one German reporting stations set new June heat records Wednesday, the DWD tweeted.