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Winning: Climate Skeptic Malcolm Roberts gets reelected to Aussie Senate, Labor suffers record loss

by Jo Nova

Congratulations to Malcolm! It’s great news. Six more years for the die-hard skeptic in the senate.

I know Malcolm has some big plans.

MAlcolm Roberts, election campaign.One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts will rejoin the Senate, almost two years after he fell victim to the dual citizenship saga and was kicked out of parliament.

This time they can’t run the fake news line that “he only got 77 votes”.

Meanwhile: Worst result in 70 years: meet Nita Green, Labor’s sole new Qld senator

Labor has recorded its worst Senate result since 1949 in the battleground state of Queensland, securing just one seat after One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts and the Greens’ Larissa Waters managed to win the fourth and sixth spots.

Meanwhile prophetic words on Q&A on Monday night:

DAVID KAROLY: There are certainly some people in the governments that understand the science. There are also a range of different people, including, I guess, Malcolm Roberts, who had very different opinions when he came on Q&A and had discussions with Brian…

TON Y JONES: But he’s not in the government.

DAVID KAROLY :  He is not.