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Analysis: Climate Policy More of a Threat to Prosperity than Climate Change

CEI Paper: Citizens Have More to Fear from Alarmists’ Agenda than Climate Change Itself

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released a new paper detailing important but seldom discussed facts about climate change. The paper argues that the planetary emergency narrative is a political doctrine, not a scientific finding.

In “A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change,” CEI senior fellow Marlo Lewis explains that perceptions of a climate crisis are a product of overheated climate models, inflated emissions scenarios, political hype and unjustified pessimism about human adaptive capabilities. For example, climate models on average project roughly twice as much warming as has occurred in the lower atmosphere during the past 40 years.

“While humans have an effect on climate change, real-world data shows much less warming than forecast and that the major metrics of human health and well-being continue to improve,” said Lewis. “The truth is, Americans have more to fear from the costs and risks of energy rationing and intrusive regulations proposed by alarmists than from climate change itself.”

Read “A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change” here.