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Environmentalists accuse Leonardo DiCaprio’s new HBO climate documentary of promoting ‘white supremacy’ & a ‘white savior complex’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new HBO climate documentary “Ice on Fire” is under fire from environmentalists for promoting “white supremacy ” and of the “erasure of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color.” The U.S. based Rowan Institute is going after DiCaprio and HBO for the film’s “white savior complex.” “The recent release of the film ‘Ice […]

Sad state of alleged higher ed: Vermont’s Sterling College President: Higher education complicit in climate emergency Vermont’s Sterling College Adopts New Mission & Vision Vermont Business Magazine The president of Sterling College today said higher education is contributing to the catastrophic loss of the planet’s biodiversity and is worsening the effects of climate change by leaving a generation unprepared for the ecological and social crises ahead. “Colleges and universities, like strip […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips ‘fake news’ linking ‘extreme weather’ to ‘global warming’ – ‘Horrified’ by activists scaring kids with climate ‘propaganda’ So I spent all last week working on my testimony (which is why there have been no new blog posts).  I hope the Hearing will eventually happen (Michael Mann is also scheduled to testify). Hurricanes and climate change constitute a major portion of my testimony.  You may recall my recent series on Hurricanes & […]

‘Radical rain-dance’: UK discusses 10 hour working week for global climate control by Jo Nova The UK leads the way with more radical rain-dance h/t James Delingpole, Eric Worrall If people work only one-day-a-week, they will need to spend the other six days growing food and feeding the chickens in their own back yards. The head of the so-called conservative government, Theresa May, wants to spend […]

New Study: U.S. East Coast Has GROWN +5 cm/year Since 1960 After Eroding -55 cm/year During 1830-1956 by Kenneth Richard Despite reports of relatively high regional rates of sea level rise, the Atlantic Coast of the United States has actually been expanding in recent decades after rapidly shrinking prior to the 1960s. A 2001 Salon magazine “terror in the skies” alarmism article featured a Dr. James Hansen late-1980s prediction that New […]

The World Returns To Coal: ‘Global coal production up 4.3% & consumption up 1.4% Global coal production (up 4.3 per cent) and consumption (up 1.4 per cent) has increased at their fastest rate for five years. Average global greenhouse gas emissions are rising at double the rate of Australia’s, exposing the mismatch between the “hope and reality” of meeting Paris Agreement goals, a report has found.

UN CHIEF POSES FOR TIME COVER OFF ‘SINKING’ PACIFIC ISLAND NATION THAT’S ACTUALLY GROWING IN SIZE BY MICHAEL BASTASCH TIME magazine’s cover shows U.N. chief António Guterres standing in waters off a Pacific island that’s allegedly “sinking” into the sea — except scientific studies indicate it’s not. Studies have found most low-lying Pacific islands either remained stable or increased in size over the decades, including Tuvalu. One researcher noted that […]

Joy Behar: Global Warming Could Stop Biden from Curing Cancer – ‘Curing cancer is going to be much more difficult when there’s so much climate change’ By PAM KEY 12 Jun 20199,834 1:04 Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar said it would be hard for 2020 presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden’s initiative to find a cure for cancer because “a lot of cancer is environmentally caused.” Video here:  Co-host Meghan McCain said, “Vice President Biden said […]