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Great Comedy! Climate Predictions tested — & FAILED! Flashback 2008: What ABC Predicted Climate Change Would Do by 2015 RUSH: Our buddies at the Media Research Center went back to their archives and they dragged up (or dragged out) a Good Morning America promo for a climate change special ABC was running back in 2008. Good Morning America played a promo for a special that aired that fall called Earth 2100, and I […]

Claim: Climate change causes ‘roller coaster’ mercury levels in Wisconsin fish Excerpt: “The ice is frozen on top and then there’s kind of a slush layer in there and then you start into hard ice again,” Rubsam said. After decades of water sampling on Little Rock Lake and two other nearby lakes, Watras has concluded that climate change is causing fluctuations in the level of […]

National Parks Quietly Toss Signs Saying Glaciers ‘Will Be Gone’ By 2020 (They’re Growing)

  National Parks Quietly Toss Signs Saying Glaciers ‘Will Be Gone’ By 2020 (They’re Growing)  SHHHHHHHH!!!   The National Park Service has quietly removed all the signs put up by the Obama administration that told visitors that the glaciers would “all be gone” by the year 2020 due to global warming… because… it’s 2019, and […]

High school climate indoctrination using AP environment textbooks Guest post Lois Kaneshiki Jordan Peterson, a worldwide pop-culture self-help phenomenon and University of Toronto psychology professor, has repeatedly warned that “Liberal colleges aren’t about education; they’re about political activism.” It is widely believed and experienced by conservatives that our universities are doing more to indoctrinate our students than truly educate. What many people […]

Blame for Recent Tornadoes On ‘Global Warming’ Is Incorrect Place Blame for Recent Tornadoes Where It Belongs By Larry Bell Tragically, there is nothing unique about the number or severity of more than 55 devastating tornadoes that tore through the outskirts of Kansas City, swept through Indiana and Ohio, and stretched eastward from Idaho and Colorado across eight states late last month. Nor, […]