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‘Peak Negativity’: Climate Fear Doesn’t Work Unless you also Tell People What to Do Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to The Conversation, there is no point journalists frightening people into obedience if they don’t also include clear instructions on what they should do to alleviate that fear. Climate change or climate crisis? To really engage people, the media should talk about solutions May 30, 2019 10.33pm AEST […]

Polar bear habitat update: open water primarily due to winds pushing pack ice by susanjcrockford Here is a look at what polar bear habitat looks like this year at the end of May compared to previous years. It helps put any predictions of impending doom into perspective. This is the time year when declining sea ice gets some people all worked up. However, declining ice is normal […]

AOC Links DC Tornado Warning To Climate Change; Gets Embarrassed By Meteorologist

AOC Links DC Tornado Warning To Climate Change; Gets Embarrassed By Meteorologist by Jeff Dunetz Sometimes I feel bad for Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but this is not one of those times.  Once again she Tweeted about a subject she knows little about and got eviscerated by an expert on the subject. In her latest descent […]

Why Advanced Nuclear Reactors May Be Here Sooner Than Many Imagine Advanced nuclear reactors are moving toward commercialization faster and with less government support than many realize. Their smaller size and advances in computing are helping. TED NORDHAUS AND JESSICA LOVERING MAY 24, 2019 The old guard. 702 Over the last several years, there has been growing recognition that nuclear energy is an important climate mitigation […]

‘What if Green Energy Isn’t the Future?’ – None of wealthy nations in UN Paris pact —or any of poor ones—have come close to meeting green pledges By Mark P. Mills What’s Warren Buffett doing with a $10 billion bet on the future of oil and gas, helping old-school Occidental Petroleum buy Anadarko, a U.S. shale leader? For pundits promoting the all-green future, this looks like betting on horse farms circa 1919. Meanwhile, broad market sentiment is decidedly bearish on hydrocarbons. The oil […]