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George Clooney puts forward best scientific argument yet, the ‘DumbF*****ery’ thesis

By Jo Nova

George Clooney, climate smearist, is here with a slick advert to train Useful Idiots on what they should say.

George explains that because science can cure diseases, make phones work, and fly planes, therefore, the equilibrium climate sensitivity of carbon dioxide is 3.3 degrees Celcius. Ergo prompter sock post hoc, and all that. Sure.

Who’s the dumbcluck?

You might almost think Clooney is doing a parody of climate schmucks:

“Tragically, the volumes of knowledge gathered over centuries are now threatened by an epidemic of dumbf***ing idiots saying dumbf***ing things.”

Exactly, while tens of thousands of scientists protest about the death of science, Clooney is working to make it happen. Some people just fail their science tests at school, others make a global informercial.

Skip Jimmy and jump to George at 54 sec:

United to Defeat Untruthful Misinformation and Support Science, aka UDUMASS

The brand name “Science” was ripe for stealing, and if you can pronounce “subatomic particle” you can do it too.

Welcome to the drone-age where thousands of 13 year old girls are impressed by a movie star who knows how to swear.

h/t To Climate Depot