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The UN is making up claims about extinctions

In early May, the United Nations put out another dire report saying humans will cause one million species to go extinct.  Here’s what they were up to:

According to the new Report, entitled Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), more than one million species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction (Figure 3A) — many of which are predicted to be pushed into extinction within just a few decades — thanks to decades of rampant poisoning, looting, vandalism and wholesale destruction of the planet’s forests, oceans, soils, watersheds, and air.

As with most stories on climate change caused by humans, most of the news media are just feeding these predictions to the public without any questions.

Faunalytics, a group that helps save endangered animals, has only 3,000 animals on its endangered species list, so there’s reason to ask questions.  Start with this: where does the one million number come from?

The public has repeatedly been told that humans are causing thousands of animals to go extinct each year, yet a study by National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2015 found only 477 identified species that have gone extinct since 1900, or around four per year.

In 2015, Yale University estimated that there are three trillion trees on Earth.  Previous estimates were 400 billion, yet we are told that humans are killing trees rapidly.

For decades, the public has been told that the oceans are dying, too, yet the best estimate for number of fishes in the seas is 3.5 trillion.

There have been many predictions of snowless winters, and we get record snows.

The public has repeatedly been told the bald-faced lie that humans are making droughts longer and more severe.  Scientific evidence shows they were much longer and more severe throughout history, which is why we have deserts.

In November 1922, there was an article in the Washington Post by the Associated Press that gave warnings exactly as they do today that the Earth is warming, that the ice caps will soon be gone, and coastal cities will disappear. There were also these:

  • 1959 – “Arctic Findings in Particular Support Theory of Rising Global Temperatures” – New York Times
  • 1969  “…get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters – the worst may be yet to come…there’s no relief in sight” – Washington Post

In 1970, we had the first Earth Day, which predicted that billions of people would soon be dead because of the lack of food and that we would be in a disastrous ice age.

In June of 1989, a U.N. official said, “governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.”

The purpose of all these dire predictions is clearly to transfer freedom, power, and money from the people to the government.  The U.N., especially, would love to weaken the U.S. economically and by journalists just repeating what they are told, on climate change caused by humans, they are playing into their hands.

After decades of indoctrination, with major participation by most journalists, we get economy-destroying proposals like the Green New Deal.  As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out.

Isn’t it time for journalists to do their job by doing some investigation and telling the public the truth instead of just repeating what they are told when previous predictions have been completely wrong?

I would challenge any journalist to come up with a list of Democrat proposals that seek to help the private sector and help the poor, the middle class, and minorities to move up the economic ladder.  I can’t think of any.  Every policy I see seeks to make the government richer and more powerful and makes more people dependent on government.  Why would journalists support policies that move the U.S. toward socialism when capitalism is the system throughout history that has always worked best to lift people up?