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The Carbon Trading Racket Puts Wood Back On The Burner

The Carbon Trading Racket Puts Wood Back On The Burner

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)Yesterday, 07:21

“Once rackets get into any market, they multiply.”

Millions of young Australians and equal numbers of older people are genuinely alarmed about world carbon emissions.

Sadly, they are being hoodwinked by false carbon reduction schemes in what is one of the greatest scams seen in our history.

Here I want to emphasise that this commentary is not an attack on climate science, nor the basic climate policies of our political parties. I’m simply revealing the massively crooked practices taking place outside Australia to rig claimed global carbon emission reductions.

But we may get caught up in the racket because the ALP plans to allow Australian companies to buy carbon credits overseas to offset their carbon emissions.

As I will describe below, if we are not very careful, these overseas carbon credits may be fictitious as a result of the rackets being embraced in Europe and elsewhere.

Once rackets get into any market, they multiply. To the credit of genuine global Greens, the world anti-carbon movement has woken up to the rackets is trying to stop them in the courts, but it will take a long time.

And Australia, with the best of intentions, may be one of the few countries in the world playing the carbon reduction game properly. That puts us at a huge disadvantage economically.

We all know that under President Trump, the US has stepped back from carbon commitments and it is no surprise that the Americans have a role in fostering the “carbon reduction” racket.

China is working to reduce its emissions but is unlikely to achieve reductions for a decade. That said, its work on molten salt cooled thorium power is exciting. India, meanwhile, has a coal-based energy agenda.

On the surface the two great population centres making carbon progress appear to be Japan and Europe. Japan looks genuine and parts of Europe have made big real reductions in carbon emissions. But huge slabs of Europe are faking their carbon reductions. In addition, according to reputable Germany’s largest newsweekly magazine Der Spiegel, the great German wind generation program is in trouble.

I first learned about European carbon reduction faking from Terry McCrann in last week’s The Weekend Australian.

On further investigation I found Terry was indeed on the money.

In 2009, the EU committed itself to 20 per cent renewable energy by 2020. It put so called “biomass” on the renewable energy sources list.

By 2014, biomass accounted for 40 per cent of the EU’s renewable energy and by 2020, it’s projected to make up 60 per cent.

Genuine biomass is a legitimate carbon reduction source but Europe has embraced “fake biomass” on a massive scale. The biggest source of its so-called biomass energy is burning wood, which is one of the worst forms of carbon producing energy. Coal emits far less carbon than burning timber.

The best rackets start of the top of an administration. And so it was the European Commission itself that declared that the carbon from burning wood would not be counted in carbon emissions because over 100 or so years, it would be replaced by growing new trees. It also reasoned that some wood was on the ground and would rot away (forget the multitude of small animals and insects who prosper in those years). Not counting carbon emissions from wood burning is complete humbug and, to be fair, the intelligent Greens in Europe also know the EC is sprouting total fiction. The fiction was designed to enable Europe to say it was meeting emission undertakings when it is clearly not doing so.

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