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Watch: Morano on Fox News on dire UN species report: ‘They’ve juiced up issue & put themselves in charge of solving. That’s called a self-interested lobbying organization’

Fox News Channel – Special Report – Broadcast May 6, 2019

Anchor Bret Baier: The group of scientists behind the United Nations study blame the burning of fossil fuels, pollution and urbanization; critics say the report is alarmist and exaggerates the consequences. Senior correspondent Eric Shawn reports from New York City.

Eric Shawn of Fox News: “Critics say the report is over the top alarmist and exaggerates the consequences.”

Marc Morano: “This is politics, not science. The UN is trying to expand its base to include climate and species. They’re looking for more treaties, more regulation. They’ve identified a problem. They’ve juiced it up and they put themselves in charge of solving the problem. That’s called a self-interested lobbying organization.

Eric Shawn of Fox News: “While the report presents an ominous future, its authors say it is up to the world’s governments to change course, even as others claim the UN’s predictions of doom are far from plausible.”


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