‘Human composting’ proposed as ‘environmentally friendly’ way of ‘disposing of human remains’ – ‘A better way to say goodbye than shooting a bunch of carbon into atmosphere’

https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/20/us/washington-composting-dead-bodies/index.html (CNN) Lawmakers in Washington state passed a bill Friday that would allow human remains to be composted. If Gov. Jay Inslee signs Senate Bill 5001 into law, it will take effect May 1, 2020. Right now, if a person dies in Washington, the body can only be cremated or buried, according to the bill’s […]

Morano speaks in Seattle at Climate Summit: ‘Gore has egg on his face … polar bears are at or near historic population highs’

  https://mynorthwest.com/1361011/dori-scientists-climate-change-conference/   Scientists call out climate change discrepancies at Seattle conference BY DORI MONSON SHOW APRIL 26, 2019 AT 6:18 PM Patrick Hendry It’s not unusual that Seattle will play host to a climate change summit this weekend — but it’s a conference that differs from what one might expect to see in the Emerald […]