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WHITE HOUSE: CLIMATE SCIENCE REVIEW PANEL TAKING (BAD) SHAPE?! – TO BE LED BY FORMER AMBASSADOR who ‘doesn’t have a history of speaking about climate change’ Scientific American , E&E News A controversial plan by the White House to review the connections between climate change and national security might be led by a former official with the Department of Energy who oversaw talks about nuclear weapons tests with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Former Ambassador C. Paul Robinson, […]

Coral Bleaching Update: It’s Not As Bad As We Thought by JAIME JESSOP In 2018, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution revealed that, during the 2015/16 El Nino, 95% of corals bleached through heat stress around Jarvis Island in the equatorial Pacific. Upon investigating the reef further, they also found that the reef recovered from past severe bleaching events, though the 2015/16 event was the severest on […]

Flashback 2008: Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica by 2030 By Paul Homewood Flashback to the Telegraph in 2008: Climate change will force refugees to move to Antarctica by 2030, researchers have predicted. Among future scenarios are the Olympics being held in cyberspace and central Australia being abandoned, according to the think tank report. Forum for the Future, a research body committed to sustainable […]

Climate agenda’s ‘goal is nothing less than total control of every aspect of human life, which we call ‘totalitarianism’ William Lind looks beneath the global warming narrative Larry Kummer Summary: William Lind takes a sharp and accurate look at the politics of climate change. In modern America, always look beneath the glossy surface of narratives in the news. ID 37081031 © Eduard Boldok | Dreamstime. Global Warming By William S. Lind at Traditional […]

Climate Change – The Facts. Saint Attenborough Will Reveal All on April 18th and Deniers Shall Repent. by Jaime Jessop Climate deniers are about to be smited by Saint Attenborough @ the BBC. It will be the coup de grace after being pummeled almost into submission by heart-breaking footage of walruses tumbling to their deaths shown recently by Attenborough @ Netflix. He gets around does our nonagenarian much loved wildlife presenter […]

DID ‘OUR PLANET’ LIE WHEN IT CLAIMED CLIMATE CHANGE DROVE WALRUSES OFF A CLIFF? Yes. By MICHAEL BASTASCH A veteran zoologist says Netflix’s “Our Planet” is lying about its viral scene of walruses falling off a cliff. “Our Planet” blames climate change for walruses falling to their deaths, but it may have actually been caused by polar bears. Experts were skeptical about other claims made in the Netflix series, […]

Flashback 2017: The Key Charade of the UN Paris Agreement: By OREN CASS While other countries made emissions pledges that could be met without trying, Obama committed the U.S. to an aggressive, costly climate-change agenda. EDITOR’S NOTE: The following piece originally appeared in City Journal. It is reprinted here with permission. Even before President Trump had completed his announcement that the United States would withdraw from the […]

Democrats Want to Rejoin the UN Paris Accord. Let’s Recall Why It Was Such a Bad Deal By Nicolas Loris When the Obama administration negotiated the Paris climate agreement, conservatives argued that it should move through the proper treaty process and be sent to the Senate, where elected senators could weigh in and potentially reject the deal. President Barack Obama didn’t do that. Instead, he unilaterally signed the deal, making it all […]