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Howard Schultz: The Green New Deal is fantasy

By Julia Limitone

Howard Schultz: The Green New Deal is fantasy

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on his potential 2020 presidential bid, the political fallout from the Mueller report, the Green New Deal, health care, the mounting U.S. debt and immigration reform.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard SchultzOpens a New Window., who is also mulling a 2020 presidentialOpens a New Window. run as an independent, ripped Democrats and RepublicansOpens a New Window. for floating ideas that are not possible during an exclusive interview on FOX Business.

“The president came out and said he wants to eradicate the Affordable Care Act, where is the solution?” he told Maria Bartiromo.Opens a New Window. “On the Democrat side, the Green New Deal is fantasy. There are well intentioned people that are trying to do good things, but let’s not throw things against the wall that they themselves know are not going to stick.”