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Obama Judge Blocks Oil Exploration for “Climate Change.” Seriously.

Climate skeptic Marc Morano, who edits, placed some of the blame for this ruling on Republicans — including on the Bush and Trump administrations. “This is inevitable — and what I mean by that is the George W. Bush administration did not push back or try to change anything,” he told OneNewsNow. “They rubber-stamped United Nations reports and they never challenged the underpinning of this science that claims that our oil and gas are creating a climate catastrophe.” While Obama made it worse, President Trump has not yet done what needs to be done to prevent this sort of ruling, added Morano.

“The Trump administration has not challenged the endangerment finding that the Obama administration implemented that says carbon dioxide is a danger to our atmosphere,” Morano continued, adding that the Trump White House has still not appointed the much-anticipated Presidential Commission on Climate Security to re-examine the science. “Who can blame a judge? It’s amazing more judges haven’t come to this ruling. The time has come to officially start challenging the scientific claims of the United Nations and pushing back on this nonsense — and until that happens, I’m not even confident that, if this goes to the Supreme Court, it will go our way at this point.”