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Feds’ relentless climate ‘propaganda’ makes Trump climate commission necessary: ‘It’s the deep state that says this’

– The Washington Times – Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For those wondering why the White House needs an independent climate panel, supporters recommend starting with the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

The federal report released in November was hailed as evidence that President Trump’s own scientists were on board with dire climate disaster forecasts, even though the document was prepared with the help of leading activists and a former Obama administration climate official.

“The panel is absolutely necessary because what happens is, the federal government puts out these biased pieces of propaganda, and then the environmental left trumpets it and says, ‘Even the Trump administration says this,’ ” said James Taylor, senior fellow for energy and the environment for the free-market think tank Heartland Institute.

“Well, it’s not the Trump administration,” he said. “It’s the deep state that says this.”

His organization this week joined 140 groups and individuals in a letter urging Mr. Trump to approve the President’s Commission on Climate Security, an effort spearheaded by Princeton physicist William Happer now under consideration at the White House.