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Bill Nye comes out in support of Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez ‘gets it’ – ‘We can address income inequality. We can address climate change’ BY TAL AXELROD Bill Nye, the climate activist and renowned television host of “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” came out in support of the Green New Deal, a plan to combat climate change by investing in eco-friendly jobs. “AOC gets it. She sees that fear is dividing us. We can address income inequality. We can […]

NEW GLOBAL-WARMING REPORT REVEALS POLAR BEARS THRIVING A new report finds that, contrary to the predictions of many scientists, polar bars are actually thriving. “Numbers are so high that Inuit leaders have been pleading with the Canadian government for more polar bear population control as violent attacks against native populations have dramatically risen in recent years,” a report on Marc Morano’s website Climate Depot noted, which […]