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The German Green New Deal: ‘The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating’ Cornerstone For New Religion

The German Green New Deal: “The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating” Cornerstone For New Religion:

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The German Green New Deal: “The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating” Cornerstone For New Religion:

by P Gosselin / Yesterday, 13:15
German journalist and climate activist Franz Alt delivers climate policy map that supposedly will bring salvation to humanity and the planet.

German ultra-alarmist climate and energy site klimareporter here has posted a road map outline of what alarmists say has to be done in order to rescue the planet from the approaching climate Armageddon (the one that keeps getting postposed every 10 years).

Franz Alt (right) meets the Dalai Lama. Image: Bigialt in Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Dubbed “The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating”, the one-page plan authored by leading climate activist Franz Alt at first glance may appear to be Germany’s version of a Green New Deal, but it goes far beyond that. While Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal is a shallow-thought laundry list of actions written by a group of activist sophomores having pizza one evening, Franz Alt’s deal could serve as one of the cornerstones of the coming Green Religion.

“The ecological Jesus”

It’s little wonder that someone like Alt is taking on this role. According to Wikipedia, Alt made ecology an extension of his Christian faith over his long career, even authoring a book titled: “Der ökologische Jesus“, in English: The ecologicalJesus.

I’ve summed up Alt’s “The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating” in English.

The 12 Holy Climate Commandments

1. Thou shall roll back greenhouse gases to zero by 2050!

2. Thou shall permit only renewable energy power plants – beginning immediately!

3. Thou shall permit and register only electric cars beginning in 2025!

4. Thou shall permit only CO2-free industrial complexes and plants beginning in 2025!

Trains and wooden high rises

5. Thou shall reduce meat consumption by two thirds, which will lead to good health!

6. Thou shall build much more public transport and use online conferences (Exception: Climate Conferences and Green Synods)!

7. Thou shall use less land for houses, streets and industry and build zero-CO2-emission high-rises made of wood!

Greening the deserts, planting 1000 billion trees

8.Thou shall make the deserts green and plant 1000 billion trees around the globe!

9. Thou shall elect only Green, climate-protecting officials. Greenocracy instead of democracy. And thou may vote for whom you wish (so long as they’re Green)!


10. Poor nations shall not “be fruitful and multiply”, but rather shall depopulate!

11. Thou shall buy less, and travel by bicycle – or by foot!

12. Thou shall live simply, so that it shall be simpler to live! Thou shall think more, and thou shall resist stupidity and short-sightedness!

Readers of course may scoff at this and dismiss it as senseless rantings of an old man who has gone senile. Yet keep in mind what history tells us: Religions are never created overnight, rather they evolve and refine over generations with scholars putting the pieces together.

Readers should not kid themselves, the Green Religion is coming.