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The Wilting Green New Deal

by Nancy Thorner

The Left is proposing ever increasingly ridiculous plans to “save the planet.”  Democrat new Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [aka AOC], the 29-year-old ditz apparently has become the face and voice of the Democrat Party.  In her Green New Deal AOC even wants to eliminate air travel, replacing it with a high-speed light rail network.   How fun it would be to be there to see AOC off on a train to Puerto Rico which would cross the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean (27,000 feet).

The climate may be changing (it’s too early to tell, since the data is continually “adjusted” to meet the predictions, not the facts). There have been wide swings in global temperature and local precipitation every 200 years or so since antiquity. Egypt was green in the time of the pyramids, and so was the Sahara 5000 years ago. Temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were up to 10 degrees below “normal” from the mid-16th century until the Civil War in the “Little Ice Age.

One thing is certain; whichever way nature heads, it will take energy to survive – heating, cooling, crop maintenance, or even pumps and levees to keep NYC and DC dry. The so-called “Green New Deal’ is designed to demolish the energy infrastructure. What then … back to “The Flintstones?”  Perhaps the radical plan should be called “The Flintstone Project?” If they win and you disagree with their policies, you will be swept aside, by force of arms if necessary. It is not one set of opinions against another, but Gospel versus heresy and heretics have no legitimate defense. Exactly how will the new infrastructure be implemented? When China needed a light rail train to carry visitors from the city to the 2007 Olympics, they displaced nearly 2 million people in order to create a right-of-way, told to find their own way.

In the long run, the theories of Malthus may prevail. The Earth’s population is approaching 8 billion. In the golden age of sustainability resembling the “Green Plan”, the early 1900s, the population was about 2.5 billion. Population has always outpaced sustainability.

Green New Deal as a “raw deal”

Although AOC’s  plan has received the endorsements of Democrat presidential candidates, like Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, it has turned the heads of others for its drastic approach to fighting climate change. Among the proposals initially listed in the plan were completely moving away from: oil, coal and natural gas within ten years, creating a high-speed rail system to help eliminate air travel and renovating every home in America. Since introduction, AOC has removed the document from her website that included such language as eliminating air travel or providing help to those “unwilling to work,” but archived data shows the initial post did, in fact, make such a statement.  Even young people were not supportive of AOC’s Green New Deal, as Campus reform’s Cabot Phillips found out when visiting the campus of the University of Miami. Students loved the Green New Deal until they found out what was in it.

Read what John and Andy Schlafly — sons of the late Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) who are continuing the work of their mother at  Phyllis Schlafly Eagles with writing and policy work — have to say in their commentary of Wednesday, February 13, 2019 entitled Green New Deal Is a Raw Deal for DemocratsSome cogent thoughts include:

  • This fanciful scheme tries to convert nearly all of our energy to wind, water, and solar power within a decade. Currently only about 10% of our energy needs are met by the inefficient wind and solar resources.
  • Full-scale socialism, with strict government control of the production and use of energy, would be necessary to implement the Green New Deal. So it is not surprising that a self-described democratic socialist, freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), is its chief sponsor.
  • Meanwhile, Hawaii overwhelmingly supports the Democratic Party, but residents there are fighting a proposed wind farm to be built on West Oahu. But Hawaiian residents do not want them, and neither do many environmentalists. Wind farms blight the beautiful landscape, create a constant irritating noise, and injure wildlife

Click here to hear a discussion on February 13, 2019 by John Schlafly about the Schlafly Brothers’ commentary, Green New Deal Is a Raw Deal for Democrats, at The Ed Martin Movement, a talk radio program that airs five days a week.  Ed Martin is president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.

What do proponents of New Green Deal say?

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) said the planet “can’t sustain” people eating meat, as the 2020 hopeful aims to become the first vegan president because of the “devastating impact” of greenhouse gases produced by the meat industry is “just not practical.”

Brooker’s claim was countered accordingly by Stephen Moore in Investor’s Business Daily on February 12, 2019:

“Sorry, AOC, but ‘farting cows’ are here to stay, and that’s a good thing unless you’re a fan of malnutrition. Meat is the most nutritious thing many Americans eat every day.”

For Consideration:  If AOC is not stopped in her tracks and has her way, it’s adios, ciao and auf Wiedersehen, to tenderloins, T-bones and hamburgers. welcome to the brave new stupid, beefless, world, of the Democrats.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur justified the liberal “Green New Deal” pushed by AOC on Meet the Press, Sunday, February 10, by citing reports warning that global warming could lead to a “complete disaster” in 12 years and that “millions and millions of people will die.”

The failed state of Illinois has likewise jumped on the green band wagon!  Rep. Will Davis, D-Hazel Crest, has announced the legislation (the new path to 100 act) that would expand Illinois’ renewable portfolio standard (RPS), driving new wind, solar and storage development and eventually bringing the state to 100% clean energy, as even under current law, Illinois is falling significantly short of its renewable mandate.  Illinois is currently generating less than 7% of its power from renewables, despite requirements for 16% in 2020.

As stated by Phillip Kline on February 12 in an opinion piece in the Washington ExaminerGreen New Deal Would Require an Actual Revolution:

“When I say the ‘Green New Deal’ would require a revolution, however, I don’t mean it in the sense that it would require electing new people with dramatically different ideas who would then work within the current system to pass and implement those ideas. I mean that it would require a disruption more along the lines of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, or the Chinese Communist Revolution. That is, it will require dramatic changes to the underlying structure of government. Making it a reality, however, would not be possible within the constraints of the current political system.”

What if climate change (global warming) is a hoax?

The Hoax of ‘Climate Change’ by Allison Nichols, posted at the American Thinker on December 11, 2018 had this to say:

“Al Gore, the king of carbon credits, whose home has a giant carbon footprint, and who flies all over the world in private jets, has raked in millions from his green investments and “sustainability research.”   This, after preaching (An Inconvenient Truth) that fossil fuel is the culprit in ‘global warming.’

The real inconvenient truth is that the earth’s climate has been warming, cooling and dramatically changing since the beginning of time.  How many of us know that Chinese sea captains reported melting ice caps as far back as 1434?  Mega earthquakes and tsunamis as well as blizzards, raging fires, crippling droughts, powerful storms, horrific tornadoes and scorching heat waves have been around since antiquity.  “Climate deniers,” as the alarmists so lovingly refer to us, do acknowledge changes in the climate, but most of us do not accept the premise that human activity the cause.

And most importantly, although it’s a monumental task, the youth of our nation who have been indoctrinated since grammar school, must come to understand that much of what they were spoon-fed in school is liberal progressive “save the planet” moral masquerading.   For their own edification, our youngsters might want to hear from the canaries exactly how the hoax will affect their future. Unfortunately, many of the youth in America suffer deep scars from years and years of indoctrination.  Inanition, anger, and arrogance, are some of the lingering effects of the sinister propaganda inflicted on our youth by liberal progressive socialist.”

Marc Morano in his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change”, refutes the argument that “climate change” will destroy all life on Earth.  In the book’s foreword, the late John Coleman, who was a meteorologist, TV weatherman and co-founder of The Weather Channel, writes:

“We meteorologists are well aware of how limited our ability is to predict the weather. Our predictions become dramatically less reliable as they extend into the future. When we try to predict just a few weeks into the future our predictions become increasingly inaccurate. Yet the ‘climate change’ establishment that now dominates the UN bureaucracy and our own government science establishment claim that they can predict the temperature of the Earth decades into the future.”

Coleman then gets to the heart of the issue:

“Their global warming scare is not driven by science; it is now being driven by politics. So today anybody who defies the prevailing ‘climate change’ scare puts his career and his reputation into extreme danger.”

Also check out the excellent book by Dr Tim Ball, Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History.  Dr. Ball was among the first Canadians ever to earn a Ph.D. in climatology, and his long and distinguished career in research and teaching equip him to write one of the most stunning, compelling, riveting critiques of global warming alarmism ever done.