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WEATHER CHANNEL hypes study claiming ‘climate change’ causes both starvation & obesity! ‘Exploring the Intricate Link between Climate Change and Obesity’ At a Glance A study says obesity and climate change have common drivers and mitigating actions The drivers include food and agriculture, transportation, urban design, and land use. Public health policies must take an integrated approach to factors in climate change. India has great disparities when it comes to food access: while 194 million people go […]

Radical Idiots: French Intellectuals Braced For The End Of The World – ‘Thinking classes have embraced a new fad: the end of the world’ Decades after French philosophers stopped fretting over existence, the thinking classes have embraced a new fad: the end of the world. Cited by converts from President Macron to pop singers and yellow-vest protesters, the doctrine of imminent apocalypse goes under the unlikely franglais name la collapsologie. State officials have attended a new university master’s course […]

Green Madness: Australian Households’ $2bn Hit For Solar Subsidies Households will pay nearly $2 billion for rooftop solar installation subsidies this year, costing every home nearly $200 and threatening to derail Scott Morrison’s pledge to cut power bills. The cost of the federal Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) and state-based rebates combined is forecast to rise by 45 per cent from $1.2bn last […]

Green Madness: Dutch Govt Admits It Was Wrong On Huge Energy Bill Hikes Holland’s national statistics agency said the average household energy bill would go up by €334 this year, more than double the earlier government estimate. The cabinet has admitted it used old figures when calculating the impact of energy tax hikes and underestimated the impact on families. On Monday, the national statistics agency CBS said […]

EU Commission Study Reveals International Competitive Disadvantage of Climate Policies EU 28 household electricity prices are now more than double those in the G20, while industrial  electricity prices are now nearly 50% higher. The third release of the EU Commission’s periodic study of global electricity and gas prices for the first time compares the EU 28 with the whole of the G20 for the period […]