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Warmists upset: ‘Climate denier’ Morano on Fox & Friends: International efforts to address climate change are ‘medieval witchcraft”


MARC MORANO (CLIMATEDEPOT.COM): It’s been called the most expensive treaty in world history with a price tag of upwards of $100 trillion, a global cost of $1 to $2 trillion annually, and, again, you mentioned this two degree thing, and I actually point out this was — the authors of this two degrees target actually admit it was, quote, pulled from thin air, the scientists in the United Nations admit this. So — and then even The Washington Post has acknowledged that, even if you’re afraid of global warning, the U.N. Paris Agreement would basically do nothing, has no impact on the climate. This is medieval witchcraft to think that we can all come together with some treaty, make a bunch of pledges, and have a temperature a hundred years that’s different.