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Polar Vortex: Killer Freeze Is Really Due To…Wait For It…Global Warming

Investor’s Business Daily Excerpt: ‘Weather too hot? Global warming. Weather too cold? Global warming. Too much rain? Global warming. Drought? Global warming. What’s the question? Doesn’t matter. The answer’s the same. Global warming. To true believers in the global warming religion, everything is a sign.’

The record freezing temperatures blanketing the Midwest and Northern states are breaking records. How cold is it? It’s so cold that for some it confirms just how bad global warming is.

No, that’s not a joke. As frigid, killing cold besieges Midwestern cities such as Chicago, newspapers, and pundits repeat this foolishness that the warming climate is responsible for this record cold snap. They expect those of us who don’t know any better, or who fear being ridiculed, to swallow their climate-change propaganda whole.

“Chicago’s record for coldest temperature ever could fall as polar vortex has city ‘in the crosshairs’,” a Chicago Tribune headline said Wednesday.

Pretty straightforward. But then the “news” article says this: “This is the same weather phenomena that made the winters of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 remarkably cold. And scientists say winters like these could become more common in the future due to climate change.”
That is, global warming makes the world both hotter and colder, simultaneously. It’s the new climate consensus among activists. It covers all the bases!

“Alarmists Resurrect Theory That Global Warming Is Making Winters Colder,” as one headline in The Daily Caller last March put it.

More Snow? Global Warming
The British left-wing Guardian’s recent headline, looking at recent record snow in Europe, summed up this contradictory thinking: “Weatherwatch: climate change cooks up ideal conditions for snow.”

Funny, because just a little over a decade ago global warming activists and their media allies warned us that global warming would soon put an end to cold weather. The exact opposite of what they say today.

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past,” a headline in the British newspaper the Independent famously claimed back in 2000.

At the time, global warmists nearly all believed the same thing. To lend its report credibility, the Independent quoted a Dr. David Viner, a climate scientist at the University of East Anglia: “Children aren’t going to know what snow is.”

For the record, since then, Britain has been hit by record and near-record cold snaps and snow. And yes, British children know what snow is, only too well.

But it isn’t just the media doing this. Just 11 years ago, former Vice President Al Gore, who won a Nobel Prize for his unhinged, unscientific global warming advocacy, warned “there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

Ice, Ice Baby
That was in 2009. Jump ahead five years to 2014. As IBD wrote later, “By 2014, Arctic ice had grown thicker and covered a greater area than it did when (Gore) made his prediction.”

Just wondering, but has the Nobel committee revoked Gore’s award yet?

We could go on and on. Whenever there’s an extreme weather event or disaster, it’s always global warming.

Last summer’s epic, destructive fires in California? Global warming, the state’s then-Gov. Jerry Brown said.

The Polar Vortex bringing record cold to many parts of the nation’s Midwest? Also global warming.

Weather too hot? Global warming. Weather too cold? Global warming. Too much rain? Global warming. Drought? Global warming. What’s the question? Doesn’t matter. The answer’s the same. Global warming. To true believers in the global warming religion, everything is a sign.

For the record, we’re skeptics of the global warming hypothesis that we’re doomed to a massive over-heating of the Earth over the next century that will flood coastal areas and islands, cause crop failures and food shortages, send disease rates soaring, and kill millions of people.

Climate Change Reality Check
The fact is, our climate changes all the time. As a highly complex system, climate is inherently unstable. Saying “climate change” is merely stating an obvious fact: it’s never not changing. And claiming it’s all due to human-made CO2 runs into a central issue: All of the statistical models assume that increases in CO2 will lead inevitably to higher temperatures. It’s science, the activists say.

Unfortunately, for 20 years now, average temperatures have shown little if any change at all, even though CO2 concentrations have gone up. This is contradiction can’t be argued away.

This goes to the very heart of what science is, and isn’t. It violates a primary tenet of experimental science put forth by the late Karl Popper, considered by many the greatest philosopher of science in the 20th century. In layman’s language, Popper said that to prove something in science, you must first be able to test it for being false. Otherwise, what you have isn’t science, it’s religion, or faith. It’s a “nonfalsifiable hypothesis.” It can neither be proven nor disproven.

First Church Of Global Warming
That’s exactly where we are today. Climate extremists, activists and the media repeatedly claim that any and all phenomena are due to climate change or global warming. No debate possible. They reject any possible other explanation. Anyone who expresses skepticism, is immediately labeled a “denier,” a cheap slur linking those who disagree with Holocaust denial.

When you say anything and everything is a cause of global warming, and no amount of evidence can possibly disprove that hypothesis — indeed, you call those who doubt your beliefs “deniers” — it’s no longer science. It’s faith.

Yes, we call ourselves skeptics. The climate change science isn’t proven, despite media claims to the contrary. Spending trillions of dollars to lower CO2 output won’t end our cold winters. But it will end our prosperity.


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