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Nearly 90 percent of the continental U.S. will experience below-freezing temperatures over the next five days as Arctic air moves south, according to forecasts.

The “polar vortex” event will have 89 percent of the continental U.S. with below freezing weather, meteorologist Ryan Maue said. In fact, all of the lower-48 are forecast to experience freezing weather, including Florida.

Ryan Maue


Arctic blast by-the-numbers:
Coldest temperatures forecast during the next 5-days:

89% of the Lower 48 real-estate will experience at least freezing temperatures (32°F)

31% will see at/below 0°F
6% at -30°F or colder!

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The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of “extreme and dangerous” cold weather across the Great Plains and Great Lakes where wind chill could dip as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit. NWS expects temperature “lows in the -30s and -40s” Wednesday through Thursday.

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There’s cold, and then there’s COLD! Extreme and dangerous COLD! is forecast this week from the Northern Plains through the Great Lakes with lows in the -30s and -40s and wind chills as low as the -60s Wed-Thu! If you can’t stay cozy inside, be sure to cover any exposed skin!

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