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Teenage activist takes School Strikes 4 ‘Climate Action’ to Davos – More kids skipping school to protest government ‘inaction’ on climate The 16-year-old activist behind the fast-growing School Strikes 4 Climate Action has taken her campaign to the streets of Davos, to confront world leaders and business chiefs about the global emissions crisis. Greta Thunberg, whose solo protest outside Sweden’s parliament has snowballed across the globe, will join a strike by Swiss schoolchildrenin the ski […]

AL GORE: Central American Migrant Caravans Are Victims Of ‘Global Warming’ By MICHAEL BASTASCH Former Vice President Al Gore said the recent Central American migrant caravans seeking asylum in the U.S. were fleeing the ravages of global warming. Gore said the so-called “dry corridor,” which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming.” “And they’ve gone […]

Scientists, studies & data agree: ‘Global warming’ not fueling acceleration in sea level rise – ‘Miami Is Sinking, But That Doesn’t Mean Sea Levels Are Rising’

The man-made climate-induced sea level rise scare is back in the news today as a Miami beach developer has correctly dismissed sea level rise scares as “paranoia.” See: Billionaire Miami Beach Developer Dismisses Rising Sea Levels as ‘Paranoia’ – (Bloomberg) — A South Florida developer is questioning the well-established facts of climate change, and is putting his […]